Are Electric Fireplaces Worth It?

Back in the day, fireplaces were typically thought of as a corner where a fire was made from wood, or even in the form of a stove that, similarly, took wood, charcoal or even coal. Over time, fireplaces evolved, and though wood burning fireplaces are still practical and popular, modern consumers have choices in a wide variety of gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces and more.

The question is, are electric fireplaces worth it? Here are some of the biggest draws that the many types of electric fireplaces – but there are others which you’ll find with only a little bit of extra research. Start here to see if they might be attractive to you.

●Remote control operability – Right outta the gate you have the power of convenience with an electric model that you just won’t get from any other style. Even gas fireplaces, which can be controlled with a few knobs nearly instantaneously, will not give you the same level of convenience as electric models. Many of them can even be controlled from the convenience of a remote control and with absolute immediacy.

●Operate without heat – Another thing that’s great about electric models is that they can be operated with or without heat, and many of them have blower motors as well. Try as you might, you won’t be able to operate a wood or gas fire without heat, which is inconvenient in the summer. An electric model can be turned on without heat, which adds a lot of value to some homeowners.

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●Control flame height and brightness – There are times when, for the purpose of ambiance, you might want to alter more than just the heat output of a fireplace. For example, you might want to set the flames very low for the therapeutic effect produced in the environment. Many electric models let you instantly set and control flame height, speed and brightness.

●Some offer the option of sounds – Ambiance goes further than your ability to produce heat and light; some electric models even give you the ability to add the pleasant, gentle crackling sounds of fireplaces .

●Customize the aesthetics, media and lighting – A fireplace adds a lot to a setting and serves as a focal point, and that matter is not up for debate at all. Many electric models give you the ability to change the trim and media sets; with many of them you can even change the color of the flames!

●No risk of fire – As might be expected, there is no risk of fire with an electric model, which same claim cannot rightly be made for wood and gas fireplaces. You can control and mitigate the risk, but generally, you need to exhibit a much higher degree of care with these than with electric models.

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●No smoke – Some love the pleasant smell of smoke, but to others, smoke is a giant pain that ruins upholstery and curtains. You’ll be pleased to hear that, obviously, electric fireplaces do not produce smoke

●Plenty of options for your home – In addition to offering adjustable brightness settings, 3D flames and customizable ember beds to create a cozy scene for your home, electric fireplaces can offer you so much more. Don’t waste your time reading about it – visit today to see for yourself what you can find – a picture says a thousand words.

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