Answers of all the questions about Men’s Toupee

Men with toupees are a common sight. Why? Well, unlike surgical procedures, toupees present a safe, cost-effective and convenient option to remedy receding hairlines and balding patterns.

 Still not ready to embrace men’s toupees for the lack of information? Here’re all your questions answered, one at a time. If information is power, use it for informed decisions.

Q1: What are toupees?

Toupees are an artificial hair system designed to conceal balding patches or make the crown look voluminous. Theatre artists also wear them to look the part. Usually, toupees are a male thing, but women also use them to either extend their natural hair or to hide an exposed scalp. Toupees are the best non-surgical remedy for hair loss due to alopecia, genetics, radiations, stress, medication, or poor diet. Toupee, wig, hairpiece, hair system or unit, all mean the same.

Q2: What are the hair types?

Toupees are either made of natural hair or synthetic hair. Harvested from human hair, natural hair blends better to give you a natural look. On the other hand, synthetic hairs are human made fibers designed to resemble your bio hair. Let’s compare the two on critical parameters.

  • Looks: Natural hair mimics your bio hair way better than the synthetic option. They look incredibly natural and may avoid detection even on close inspection. 
  • Styling Versatility: Human hairs are more styling-friendly compared to their synthetic counterparts. Feel free to colour, perm or style them to your exact specifications.
  • Cost: Human hair units cost more upfront but offer full value for money. On the contrary, synthetic hairs are a false economy, requiring replacements more regularly.
  • Care: Synthetic hair toupees are easier to care for but need to be kept away from direct heat. Conversely, natural hair ones require more onerous upkeep but can endure the heat.  
  • Longevity: The natural hair hairpieces last for a year under regular use and with proper maintenance as opposed to 6 months in case of synthetic hair toupees.

Q3: What are the construction types?

The Men’s toupee are indexed into three primary categories based on construction. They include: 

  1. Lace base: Lace base units offer a realistic look, full breath ability, more comfort and better aesthetics. Choose from any of the two options, HD transparent lace and French lace. The HD lace ensures better breath ability and natural hairline but is softer and thus, cannot stand high hair density. Contrarily, French lace base is more comfortable to attach and remove, ensures higher hair density, and provides an invisible hairline.
  1. Mono base: Mono filament (mono) base hairpieces are virtually undetectable, styling-savvy, ensure free-flowing movement, and withstand the test of time. They outclass every hair replacement system on the market and thus, price higher.
  1. Skin Base: These units mimic your skin and the illusion that the hair is shooting right out of the scalps. With the variety of colours and lengths available, it’s easy to find a skin base toupee to meet your needs. Modern or classic, all hairstyles are covered.    

Q4: How much does it cost?

Prices are subject to multiple factors. You’ll be paying more for natural hair hairpieces than for the synthetic ones. Likewise, off the shelf, men’s toupees differ in price compared to custom made ones. The hair density and length, construction type, model, seller and other factors also factor into pricing.