Angled or Straight Spotting Scope for Hunting: Which Is Good

Angled or Straight Spotting Scope for Hunting: Which Is Good

For hunters, a spotting scope is a great piece of equipment. If you don’t have a spotting scope, you might wonder whether you should get an angled or straight spotting scope for hunting. But before you decide that you have to learn about the types of spotting scopes.

There are 2 types of spotting scopes- angled and straight. When the eyepiece is in-line with the objective lens, it is a straight spotting scope. When the eyepiece is set at a 45 to 90-degree angle from the objective lens, it is an angled spotting scope.

Differences between Angled and Straight Spotting Scopes:

If you want to find out which one is suitable for you, you have to learn about the differences between an angled spotting scope and a straight spotting scope.

  1. Differences of Tripods:

Once you mount an angled spotting scope on a tripod it is set like a classic telescope, to look into the scope you just have to bend over, that is why people of all sizes can use an angled spotting scope. You can use a small and lightweight tripod for your angled spotting scope. That is why an angled spotting scope is easier to carry and you can share it with multiple people.

You will need a higher tripod for your straight spotting scope. These types of spotting scopes are heavier and they are harder to carry and pack.

  1. Differences of Comfortability:

With an angled spotting scope you can spot any target above sea level. Because of the angled eyepiece, your neck will be comfortable. You can look downwards easily with a straight spotting scope. If you hunt in hilly areas a straight spotting scope will be more useful to you. An angled spotting scope is more stable in the wind so you can hunt even in unfavourable weather.

Spotting Scopes for hunting, Angled or Straight Spotting Scope for Hunting: Which Is Good
  1. Difference in Durability:

A spotting scope is an expensive piece of equipment. If you hunt often then you will need to use a spotting scope frequently. The eyepiece of an angled scope is pointed upwards so it collects dust, rain, snow, etc. if the spotting scope is not cleaned properly all these dirt and debris can permanently damage the spotting scope. A straight spotting scope doesn’t have this problem. It is fairly easy to clean.

  1. The difference in Stability:

Hunters hunt in all kinds of areas. They are not all smooth and grassy. If you hunt in areas where you have to trek and spend a lot of time outdoors it is better you use the angled spotting scope. You can use a lower tripod with an angled spotting scope which is more stable and lightweight. You can carry it in your backpack. Most angled spotting scopes have a rotating collar that you can adjust. This collar will move the angled head from side to side. This feature is extremely helpful in hunting.

  1. The difference in Locating Animals:

The angled spotting scope is not beginner-friendly. It does take a bit of practice to get used to it. But seasoned hunters love the angled spotting scope because it is so versatile. The straight spotting scope is more intuitive. Anyone can use it as it requires little skill to use. If you are a beginner it is better to start with a straight spotting scope. If you are a frequent hunter, you can invest in an angled spotting scope.

Final Thoughts:

In this article, we have talked about the differences between the angled spotting scope and the straight spotting scope. Compare them and find out which one is the best for you.

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