Surefire Secrets to a Complete Anesthesia Billing Process

Broadly there are four anesthesia types which are local anesthesia, regional anesthesia, MAC/ Sedation, and General.  The services can be rendered by an anesthesiologist, certified registrar nurse anesthetist (CRNA), the assistant of the anesthesiologist who must accept the assignment and always works under the oversight of the same. Anesthesia services get paid with Base Units, +Time Units, and + Modifying Units. The procedural coding process involved is quite tedious and the worst part there is little room for error in the process. It is always an anesthesiologist that takes care of the patients and not the surgeons.

It is quite clear that as a practice, you must ensure proper measures that help in eliminating proven challenges in your revenue cycle. Getting paid depends on how streamlined your front and back end activities are in the longer run. Driving ROI eventually depends on finding an experienced team handling your anesthesia billing priorities in the right context.

What makes Sunknowledge different

Over the last fifteen years, we have been delivering superior support and that too at next door rates. Our superior support comes with rich experience of driving growth for the best with excellent references. One of the biggest advantages that we bring to the table is our understanding of how to handle everything right from filing your claims with the right charges and modifiers, working on denials, and collecting your aging accounts receivable.

We have reduced operational costs by 80%, eliminated practice management errors by delivering true value. Our team understands how to clean up your aging bucket by offering streamlined at just $7 per hour or 2% of collections. Also, we serve as a full-service extension offering all the needed support with eligibility verification and prior authorization services.

Schedule a demonstration and an expert opinion on how we drive your ROI in the best possible manner. We know how to bring back your payments on time with us working as a reliable operational extension of your operations. Leverage the Sunknowledge advantage right now and experience a streamlined anesthesia billing experience like never before!

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