An Overview of software and Flosum for Improved Version Control

Software Developers in the field of software application development have been using a term called Salesforce DX. It has been around for a while, but what does it imply when it comes to its meaning? The full form of Salesforce DX is Salesforce Developer Experience. It is a unique product offering from Salesforce that allows developers to make features and apps directly in an efficient way on the Salesforce platform. It will enable developers to bring in the best features from this lightning platform to allow them to enjoy team collaboration driven from the source for developing custom software programs under Salesforce.

Why should developers deploy the Salesforce DX?

Given below are the significant features and reasons as to why you should use Salesforce DX as a developer for any software development project

Visual Studio, along with the Salesforce CLI-

If you are a new or an experienced developer, there are high chances that you have created several code languages like JavaScript, Python, and C++ and more. They give you unique and challenging techniques to accomplish similar tasks. All of them have salient features that are different; however, they have a common goal: they have a good IDE with them.

In case you are a new developer and APEX is the first experience you have when it comes to writing codes, you will not know what IDE means. Its full form is an “integrated development environment” that is a program with unique tools that aid programmers in creating codes faster with fewer errors. For instance, if you look at Java, you will find it has Eclipse, while Swift has XCode and Apex has Visual Studio.

Visual Studio used for Flosum

Visual Studio, along with the Salesforce command-line-interface, is a unique IDE for new and experienced developers to create and manage apps that have been specifically designed for the Salesforce platform directly from Visual Studio under Microsoft. This helps developers collaborate better as a team from a source driven via GitHub. There is a sleek command-line-interface, and it completely removes the complexity of the UI under Salesforce.

Developers that have already used this console before will have prior experience as to how it works. However, everyone knows that this console will not have have the debugging tools of the IDE like Visual Studio has. Moreover, it can only be accessed when you are working in the Salesforce org. When you install the CLI of Salesforce in Visual Studio, this permits you to get the same experience and feel of the console without the Salesforce org’s need.

If you are already working with the Visual Studio under Microsoft, you can easily download the CLI to start working on programming under Apex.

Scratch Orgs for software

When it comes to developing and creating the apex code under Salesforce, it is a long and complicates process. There are multiple reasons for the above. The most challenging one is creating It takes a very long time to make; however, there are restrictions on the sandbox numbers you can work with. In case you reach the limit, you need to refresh them. Working with the Salesforce DX means you can altogether remove this issue.

Development that is source driven of software

There is a community of developers online that share and write codes for one another. They generally post the code for a software application where the other developers can effectively branch off from its start. It is here that the features of source driven development of Salesforce will come into effect. Is here that the developers can connect to GitHub that is a repository for codes. It becomes quite simple for them to find written codes. This helps them get a good starting arena for working on customizing it to the business’s needs. It also reduces the costs for development to a considerable extent. It saves time and manpower as well.

When you are working with the above, the developer needs to worry about how efficiently they can get the scratch org up and how soon they will test it. With the above feature, developers can create much faster over working on a developer org in the Salesforce platform.

Version governance

With this feature, developers can keep track of all the changes that have been made during the life cycle of the software development application. With the proper version governance. The developer can organize all the changes that have been deploy by the members of the team. The process helps them to get the past versions of the app quickly.

FLOSUM and its role in improve version control using software

Flosum is an app that ensures developers get complete solutions for the development of software apps. It helps developers to get improve version control as it is completing the integration with GIT. Here, developers can get a unique platform for version control for developing software apps under Salesforce. The app can quickly help them to merge declarative, complex, and programmatic components with success.

Flosum has also been creating especially for Salesforce development, and it can manage the lightning components of Salesforce with success. It has a robust security system. And one does not have to open their production org, or the IP ranges to work.


Therefore, in conclusion, it can that if the release management process. Which is of the software development process is not successful. It will be the plague with bugs, and this will give rise to angry users. Businesses need to ensure they cannot churn out releases that are half develope. So look for something that will give you the best results for money and time.

Over 70% of the problems take place because of the change in the software environment. To avert software delays, businesses must invest in a robust release management process, and it is here that Flosum helps. Get in touch with experienced professionals and tell them your exact requirements. Based on that they can customize the software with your business to get better results.

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