An Audi Extended Warranty- Is it Necessary

Audi is a fantastic car loaded with impeccable features and functionality. Once you have purchased a new or used Audi, it is time to evaluate Audi’s extended warranty options. Who knows what happens when you travel down the road!

To avoid any unfortunate mischance on the road, it is essential to consider the warranty options. For better understanding, take a look into the detailed report of the best-extended companies. Let us look at the costs, coverage, and additional perks of the top Audi warranty plans.

Audi Greensboro Warranty

2020 Audi Factory Warranty:

The Audi factory warranty pays for new cars and SUVs. The New Vehicle Limited Warranty offers coverage for the first four years or 50000 miles. The New Vehicle Limited Warranty includes powertrain components, like the engine and transmission, which are not included in standalone plans. This warranty also offers some additional benefits, including:

  • First scheduled maintenance Audi service (12 months/10,000 miles)
  • 24-hour roadside assistance for the duration
  • 12-year limited Audi corrosion warranty

Almost all the components are included in this basic coverage except for wear and tear. Still, this warranty only provides a short coverage term. When compared to other brands, it does not seem like a lot of protection.

Audi Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty:

Even if you look at other luxury automakers, you also do not see Audi anyway near them. Cadillac, Acura, and others offer 6-year/70,000-mile powertrain coverage, plus 4-year/50,000-mile bumper-to-bumper protection.

The Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty comes up with some perks for Audi owners. This plan provides similar protection to the new warranty, but with some additional stipulation on timing. The Audi pre-owned warranty covers five years from the original in-service date, as long as the factory warranty still covers your vehicle. There are no mileage restrictions with this coverage.

Now, if you want to purchase a warranty on an Audi vehicle that is not covered by the factory plan, you are going to run into some trouble. The CPO limited warranty only covers you for another year, but it still does not have a mileage limitation.

On the positive note, the CPOP limited warranty from Audi is transferable. No matter where you purchase a used Audi, you can still enjoy the previous owner’s protection plan’s perks.

Why Do You Need an Audi Extended Warranty?

Whether you purchase a new Audi or a pre-owned model, you must cover your investment. Moreover, Audi does not enjoy a good ranking either in terms of reliability. Many owners reportedly complained about the numerous problems they faced. Besides, it requires heft annual repair expense compared to other brands.

However, the factory warranty comes up with hardly makes up for its lack of reliability. Over the years, it has barely improved its features and functionality, leaving customers with a burden of expensive costs.

On top of that, you must consider the extra costs to repair a luxury model such as an Audi. The parts and components are more expensive than a lower-end brand. Once your factory warranty ends, Audi will not be responsible for those bills any longer.

It does not matter if you own a new or CPO Audi – it is time to think about additional warranty coverage. To ensure protection beyond 50 000 miles, you need to get the high-quality option for your Audi.

What Are Audi Extended Car Warranties?

An Audi extended warranty acts as a service contract between the vehicle owner and the company promising safety and protection. The vehicle service contract pays coverage for mechanical breakdowns after the factory warranty ends.

Examine all the options and select the right warranty for your vehicle that comes with unique coverage. Almost all possibilities make room for additional extended warranties at any time. So, it eliminates the need to select the coverage at the car or SUV purchase time.

Third-Party Extended Warranties:

According to technicians at Audi Greensboro, the average annual repair costs for Audi owners account for up to $1000. This is a premium cost that comes with a premium vehicle.

However, third-party extended warranties provide relief and convenience, and the flexibility that dealer warranties can’t. Moreover, you always use your favorite shop instead of depending on any dealers. There are trade-offs to either option, though. But a warranty service contract is something to factor in either way.

Are Audi Vehicles Expensive to Maintain?

Being an expensive vehicle to maintain, Audi owners find an extended warranty even more attractive.

What Extended Protection Should I Get for My Audi?

You have plenty of options available to you. So, it’s essential to take some time and examine all the choices. Some people opt solely for powertrain protection. Others look for a coverage that includes repairs. Sometimes, you may experience a situation wherein an electrical component can fail and incur a heft repair cost. In such a case, a more comprehensive plan will be critical.

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