An Adventure Tour Desert Safari Abu Dhabi in 2020

Abu Dhabi is the 2nd largest and modern city of the United Arab Emirates; also the home of government. Every year a lot of people come from different countries for entertainment, spend their holidays with family or visit the most beautiful desert safari. Sheikh Zahid mosque is one of the most famous and beautiful that shows the Islamic culture very well in Abu Dhabi. Many people who come stay in Abu Dhabi due to the advance and modern environment. There is a lot of entertainment places like big shopping malls, desert safari, entertainment areas, the Marina mall, Gulf area, Burj UL Arab, Burj Khalifa, and many hotels. 

Desert safari Abu Dhabi

From the name safari, you can understand the most beautiful desert in the world “desert safari”. If you want to plan a trip to the United Arab Emirates, a desert safari is an adventure place on top of your mind. Here I share my personal experience of a desert safari trip that I cannot forget due to the adventure of the desert.

Now in my mind how I explain the most beautiful desert safari trip? First, search for a tourism company or booking a desert trip. You know, Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Tours arrange by the team with the best deals. I found the desert safari Abu Dhabi that provides great deals for a family trip. The Abu Dhabi desert safari trip starts from our residence place to the desert camp. Here we enjoyed a lot of activities with my family. But here I explain some of most favorites: 

Camel riding one of most favorite activity in the desert

In the morning and evening, camel riding is the most favorite activity. Camel riding is available in the desert for family also. So our trip starts from the camel riding to the desert campsite. A beautiful view of the desert with a sunset view makes us happy in the desert. With family, we take photos on the red sand and riding on a camel like a prince. The Morning Desert Safari from Abu Dhabi also starts from 9:00 am, with camel riding & dune bashing. 

Dune Bashing: Drive from the campsite

With 4*4 vehicles, the dune bashing is available in the desert, the special vehicle like Lassan petrol and Prado are available. With the proper guidance of the experts, dune driving is easy. So don’t worry about the dune driving on the desert with family. 

Make henna tattoos 

After that, the girls make tattoos from the experts on the desert on their hands and feet. They are looking beautiful with the amazing design of henna. 

Evening photography with Arabian costumes

It’s a very pleasant moment when we take the photography because we captured nature, an adventure of the desert that is not forgettable. 

BBQ delicious dinner with tea, coffee, and snacks

After the dune bashing and the camel riding, we feel so hungry and want something special for eating. At this time, BBQ is the best option with hot tea and coffee. We take BBQ dinner, enjoy the live dance shows Tanoura dance show, Belly dance show, and the fire show. 

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