What types of American boxes are available on PrintCosmo?

The American boxes (cardboard) is a model well known to our buyers and regularly acclaimed by them thanks to its resistance and reliability. We suggest you find in this short article, the models of American boxes most appreciated by our customers. Available in single, double flute, and in many formats, do not hesitate any longer and consult our American boxes offer.

The American boxes: a benchmark model in cardboard packaging

The American boxes are formidable boxes for the transport of your goods! Indeed, made from high-quality paper, this cardboard packaging is acclaimed for the transport of light, medium-heavy, and not very fragile loads. The American boxes are very economical and adapt perfectly to the transport of products because it resists puncturing and bursting. In order to guarantee quality products to our customers, all of our American cases are labeled LNE (the National Testing Laboratory).
A real reference in the sector for supplying cardboard packaging, cardboard frame framing at the best price, PrintCosmo has selected a wide choice of boxes for you. American models with various dimensions and certain reliability. The quality criteria for our products and services are essential to us.

Trust PrintCosmo for the purchase of American crate

For the purchase of American crates and another cardboard packaging and wholesale Donut Boxes at discount prices, trust PrintCosmo We offer a wide choice of economical and resistant products! But that’s not all, to guarantee a cleaner planet and contribute to the recycling of cardboard paper, all of our products are labeled RESY (Recycling system), meaning that they are fully recyclable. 
 The buying cash American has never been cheap and responsible! They are available in many formats and at increasingly competitive prices. We offer boxes for framing your frames as standard or custom.

American boxes offer the combined advantages of being strong, economical, and suitable for transporting light and semi-light loads. You will find in our internet catalog, a wide selection of the best packaging products thanks to our simple and fast search tools. Trust PrintCosmo for the purchase of your cardboard packaging at discount prices. Our offer and our prices will meet your needs in terms of cardboard packaging  !Go to our online store and find our entire catalog.

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