Amazing Charts; Features, Reviews, and Demo

Why you Need an EHR Software

These days we live in a world that is quickly becoming entirely digitized with all processes going online. Similarly, even the medical field to some extent has come to rely on computers and software to help make day-to-day operations at medical offices and health organizations a little more easier. There are hundreds of medical EHR software options out in the market and when you go out to look for one, you often get inundated with the amount of choice you have! 

This is why we want to focus on just one software for this piece; Amazing Charts EMR and how this software can help you out. With Amazing Charts EMR you can help make processes much more efficient in your medical practice. We will be telling you all about Amazing Charts EMR in this piece so keep reading! 

Amazing Charts Features you Should Look Out for 

E-Prescription for Everyone’s Ease

Having an e-prescription feature is incredibly important especially these days with the Covid-19 pandemic. The less amount of times a patient has to come into your medical practice, the better. With this being said, the e-prescription feature in Amazing Charts EMR helps you make prescriptions remotely so you do not have to worry about anything. Your patients can also pick the prescription up directly from whatever pharmacy is convenient to them and immediately without having to first come and see you. 

Centralized Data and Simple to Use Dashboard 

Having a simple dashboard that is easy to use is very important. In Amazing Charts EMR you are able to get this feature and hence have all your data centralized to one place. The data points for your screens are available in one place so things are made easier for you. This dashboard also allows you to look at patient information and keep track of the treatment plan as well. The dashboard essentially helps make things simpler for you by showing you the demographics, diagnoses and history all in one place. 

Patient Portal to Help with Administrative Duties 

When your patients are more involved with their treatment they tend to be more satisfied and there is a higher chance of them returning to you for any other medical needs they may have. Other than this, with a patient portal feature like the one in Amazing Charts EMR you are bound to be at more ease because of the convenience it provides you with. Amazing Charts EMR’s patient portal lets your patients take charge of their treatment. The portal lets them schedule their own appointments, keep track of their upcoming appointments, look at their billing among other things. All in all, it involves the patient in their treatment more and reduces some of the administrative burden that was on you previously. 

Reviews and Pricing

While we cannot make a software recommendation to you unless we know the specifics about your medical practice, we can help you come to your own conclusion. You should read as many Amazing Charts EMR reviews online as you can to get a better idea about the software. Other than that, you should also look into asking the vendor for a Amazing Charts EMR demo to see what the software looks like in practice rather than just relying on reviews and descriptions you read about the software online. Hopefully, whether you decide to get Amazing Charts EMR or not, you will have made the right decision for you and your medical practice.

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