All You Need to Know before buying a Security Camera System

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Asking any consultant from the market would waste your time. After discussion it would be impossible for you to pick a security camera which convinces your needs.  

Here are some points from which you can have a brief idea about security cameras before buying it.

  • What Image resolution do you need?

Security cameras resolution means the cumulative number of pixels which makes an image. Greater the resolution higher will be the price. Most common resolutions in the market are 2MP (1080 pixel), 4MP (1440 pixel), 5MP (1920 pixel), 8MP (2160 pixel). 

DYNAPOST offers best resolution cameras at affordable rates in the market.

  • What sensor does your camera have?

A device which uses motion, audio to detect the event or change in surrounding is sensor.  Sensor is an important tool for security cameras. Before buying any security camera it is important to assess the sensors you want in your IP camera. If you need a reliable security system for your house or business then audio and motion sensors cameras are highly suggested.

  • Is it PC DVR based camera or SD card in built system?

SD card in built cameras has the facility to insert memory cards of different capacities. This allows the video to be recorded in the internal SD card. A PC based DVR System have the flexibility to add and remove components we used to do in our personal computer. This works with both analog and digital IP Camera.

  • Is it waterproof?

If you want to the camera to be installed in outdoor then go for a waterproof security camera.  These cameras are water resistant and provide security in all weather conditions.

  • Know the process of installation

Different cameras have different installation process. Before finalizing any camera know the process of installation and setup. Positioning and mounting are the two important factors in the exercise of attachment.

Generally, the service provider takes the authority to prepare all the setup and finish the process of installation. But it is necessary for you to ask which the proceedings.

  • Is your camera Pan-Tilt-Zoom?

A camera which has the facility to control the movements and directions is Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera. These cameras have the ability to zoom, move upward, downward, left, right.  PTZ cameras give you the facility of large-coverage area recording, zoom option for small and clear perception and flexibility of payment.

Discover a wide range of Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera fromDynapost .

  • Is it Infra-Red?

With infra-red security cameras, you get the capability to capture videos in low and dim lights.  These cameras have IR illuminators which have the capability to see objects in complete darkness.

  • Does it come with inbuilt hotspot?

A camera with inbuilt hotspot allows the user to access live footage on their smart phone and monitors without internet connectivity. Though this feature works in a minimum distance but it is compatible for shop owners.

  • Know the Price and warranty

Price is an important factor. Market is flooded with different range of products. So decide the features and quality you need and conclude the budget of security camera. Compare different products and spend wisely.

Warranties are promise from the manufacturer or from service provider to give assurance of repair, maintenance, replacement or refund at the time of damage. Know the warranty period or your product.

This is a complete guide which can help you to buy perfect security cameras. If you are still confused and need suggestions from Dynapost expert.

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