All That You Need to Know About Distribution Boards

All That You Need to Know About Distribution Boards

So a distribution board is one of the most important supply systems when talking about any commercial or residential entity. The main cable that is present enters the distribution board and then via the breakers gets distributed in the secondary circuits like plugs and lights. 

To achieve optimal performance of every device, it is of paramount importance to maintain a proper power distribution as it is crucial when thinking about house and appliance safety. Distribution boards are aptly fitted with BS bars, DIN rail, and neutral link.

When you think about distribution board, then keep in mind that they are not just a mere enclosure but an overall system and have neutral links, earth leakage unit and interconnecting wires that are there for proper electrical distribution in your house. Currently, the standard distribution these days are made in accordance not just with the technical specifications but also as per your home decor so that it can blend seamlessly. 

You can further bifurcate distribution boards into:

1. Single Door Distribution Board: If you want to opt for simplistic applications, a single door distribution board is what you should opt for. They are available in 4-way, 8-way, 16-way configurations.

2. Double Door Distribution Board: Then comes the heavy-duty operations and with it comes an increased number of applications and connections, for this, a double door distribution is used. They are majorly used for commercial use.

Distribution boards that are these days available must have three major traits:

  • Safety 

One of the most crucial parts of any distribution board is the fuse. It plays a pivotal role in the distribution boards as it does not allow overcurrent to pass through your circuitry. If there is an overcurrent situation, the fuse will automatically shut down the major supply that is preventing your appliance and any sort of electrical danger at your office or at home.

  • Aesthetics 

These days a lot of attention is being paid towards the design and style of the distribution boards. Those days are long gone when distribution boards used to ruin the whole decor of the house, be it of your home or office. DB’s these days are designed keeping in mind the current needs of the consumers, great in quality and style quotient. 

  • User-Friendly 

Make sure that the distribution box is user-friendly, and in case it is not, then it is not the right pick for you. It should have sufficient space for wires with an easy to understand installation procedure. The frame should dismiss any possibility of error during the process of installation. When there is a well-installed and user-friendly distribution board, it will ensure the safety and long-life of your electrical distribution system.

We hope that this article provided you with more clarity regarding the distribution boards.