All That You Need to Know About Australia Visa Subclass 491

Want to become a beautiful part of Australia? Well, now you might be wandering about how to make it happen! The Kangaroo Land is the best place to live a life with high standards and a rich lifestyle. So, if you’re thinking of moving to this new destination, don’t doubt yourself, as it is the most fruitful decision that you’ll be going to take this year.

There are many categories under the skilled migration, however when it comes to getting the approval in 6 months, the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Subclass 491 is the cream of the crop, that can help you enter the Kangaroo Land in 6 months. Isn’t good news? So, why wait? All you can do is gain a deep insight into entire process and the requirements and then apply for the same.

So, prior to applying under this category, it’s important to be aware about what it is, what are its requirements, what are the documents, what is the process and many more. These are the questions that’re sure to trigger your mind prior to applying.

Are you ready to understand the Visa subclass 491 in a better way? Well, have a look below.

  • What is the Regional Skilled Work (Provisional) Visa Subclass 491?

It is a provisional visa that allows you to live and work in the designated regional areas of Australia. It is not a permanent one, however, it paves your way to apply for the permanent residency post living in the regional areas for a period of 5 years.

In order to apply under this visa category, you need to have either a nomination from a state or territory or you can get a sponsorship from your family member who’s living in the Kangaroo Land either as a permanent resident or an Australian Citizen.

With this, you can:

  1. Live and Work anywhere in Regional Australia except the metropolitan cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Moreover, you have the freedom to live in the other cities such as Gold Coast, Perth, Newcastle, Wollongong and NSW Central Coast.
  • Get Multiple Travel Rights
  • Work in any occupation along with any employer in the line of work that you’ve attached with your visa.
  • What is the Eligibility Criteria for the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Subclass 491?

In order to apply under the subclass 491, you ned to fulfil the eligibility requirements given below such as:

  1. You must have either a nomination from a state or territory or it can be any sponsorship from your family member who’s eligible and living in the Kangaroo Land as a permanent Resident or a citizen of Australia.
  • You must have your occupation in the Regional Occupation List of Australia.
  • You must have a positive skills assessment in the selected occupation. Always make sure that you select and nominated occupation under which you possess a proper skill set and years of experience.
  • You must have a score of 65 points in the points assessment grid. 
  • You must be less than 45 years of age in order to apply under this visa. 
  • You need to appear for the IELTS language proficiency test and must score high points.
  • You must prove that you’re in good health and have no criminal offenses in the past or present. For this, you need to submit your Medical Clearance Certificates and the Police Clearance Certificates.
  • You must not have any records that you owe any money to the Australian Government.
  • You must not have any history associated with the cancellation of your visa application.

What is the Step-by-Step to Apply for the 491 Visa?

In order to gain entry into the Kangaroo Land, you need to climb a 4-step ladder.

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility

Prior to submitting your EOI (Expression of Interest) don’t forget to take the points assessment test, and make sure that you a positive skills assessment and meet all the eligibility criteria.

Step 2: Submit Your Expression of Interest

Post getting a positive skills assessment, you’re required to submit your EOI if you want to apply for the subclass 491. This needs to be done through the online skill select system.

Step 3: Receive a Regional Nomination or a Sponsorship from an eligible family member

Post submitting your EOI through the skill select, you need to receive a nomination from the designated regional areas or it can also be a sponsorship from an eligible family member who’re living in the Kangaroo Land either as an Australian Citizen or a permanent resident.

Step 4: Apply for the 491 Visa

Post receiving the invitation from a state or a sponsorship from your family member, apply for the visa. Now, you’ve 60 days-time to lodge your application. Without any invitation or a sponsorship, you’re ineligible to apply under this category.

How Much Time Does it Take In Order to Process Your Application Under the 491 Visa?

Well, there is no exact time, however, most of the applications get approved within 6 months. Moreover, processing Times depends upon certain circumstances such as:

  • Number of Applications received
  • Correctness and Completeness in the application forms
  • Submission of Improper documents
  • Time you take to Revert back to the higher officials in case ant further information is required.
  • Time taken to validate your information in which third parties are involved such as medical professional or any other

Final Thoughts

So, do you want to immigrate to Australia this year via taking the pathway of 491 visa? Well, all you can do is apply under this category and accomplish your goal of living the best life in the Kangaroo Land that you’ve always vyed for.

Now, as you’re are aware about the 491 category, so what are you waiting for. Make a smart move and actualize your dreams. Good Luck!  

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