All About Stone Chip Repairs for Your Windscreen

Windscreen damage is a relatively small damage, but it can get you irritated easily when it appears on your car. It obstructs the view and also appears distinctly, affecting the exterior looks of the car. 

However, the most irritating factor is that small damages like windscreen chipping can appear so easily. A small stone shooting off from the road can make a crack on the car windscreen, and getting it repaired may also seem like an impossible task.

In most cases people leave the crack as it is, thinking that they will have to change the entire windscreen for such small damage. This can be expensive and may seem unnecessary. But not all cracks will need a windscreen replacement. Small damages can be repaired quickly, and your windscreen will look brand new again in no time.

However, it is a job to be handled with care. Therefore, hiring professional experts for stone chip repairs would be the best choice. An experienced professional can assess the damage exactly and suggest the type of repair or replacement needed for your windscreen. This will not only save money and time but will also ensure safety by stopping the crack from expanding further.

Here’s how professionals handle the job:


Windscreen damages can occur in various sizes and shapes, and it is very important to understand the damage to determine whether the windscreen can be repaired or needs a replacement. Professionals will observe the crack’s location and the potential reason for the crack to appear. Chipping, due to small stones, is the most commonly observed windscreen issue.

These cracks appear in shapes like a crater, star, bull’s eye, or a combination of these. Such cracks are usually on the outer part of the windscreen and don’t penetrate through to the other side. However, bigger cracks may not be repaired easily, and the windscreen may have to be replaced entirely.

Professional workers will assess all these factors and provide you with an estimated cost of repair after which the repair process will begin.

Process of Repair

Most of the cracks on your windscreen can be repaired unless it is too big. To repair the crack, a clear resin is applied on the crack which penetrates the crack and increases the strength of the glass. The resin clears off the crack, and the car would be ready to drive as soon as the repair is complete. On average, a windscreen repair may only take 30 minutes.

However, bigger cracks may not be repaired completely, and you may have to replace the windscreen to solve the problem. In such cases, the professional will provide you with the cost of a new windscreen for your car model and begin the replacement once you approve.

How to locate the best windscreen repair service in your location?

To get your windscreen repaired as fast as possible, it is very important to appoint the best workmen for the job. You can check online by searching for the service you need, followed by your location. 

For example, if you need a windscreen repair, and you are in Brisbane, you need to type “windscreen repair in Brisbane” this will show the most popular service providers in your location.

It is also important to check some information about the company before making an appointment. You must check whether the company has enough experience in handling windscreen jobs; whether they are capable of providing windscreens for the required car model; how quickly they can solve the problem; and do they provide warranties related to the work done.

It is also a good idea to contact them through their customer support number to check in detail about the service. Always choose a service provider who can handle your request on time and provide you with a hassle-free experience.


Windscreen damage can occur very easily and may ruin your driving experience. However, this doesn’t mean that the entire windscreen has to be changed every time a crack appears. In most cases, windscreens can be repaired very easily and quickly. But a windscreen repair is one of those jobs that have to be handled carefully if not, it can damage the windscreen further.

Therefore, it is best to hire the best professional experts in your region to handle stone chip repairs of your windscreen.

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