People often think that a private dog trainer is one who trains the misbehaved dog, turning them into an obedient one. They believe that a disobedient dog needs to be prepared that teaches them to be obedient on the orders of their masters. Like if the master asks them to sit or slay they will. But such dogs are not called to have behaved or good dog, but they are called as trained.

The difference between the trained and the well-behaved dog is that the behaved dogs will give a positive attitude not only towards his master but also towards other animals and persons and strangers. Every dog owner cannot be a dog behaviorist, for the proper training of your dog, you should have a private dog trainingservices from someone.

So it is essential either to hire a person who can give the best dog training in Surrey or the dog owner itself take dog training classes.

Here we will discuss a few tips that will help in correct dog training in Surrey BC for the dog owners:

Maintain Balance

One of the fundamental tips the dog owner should get is that it is very significant to maintain a balance while the training is being done. A well behaves dog never embrace you in front of others. But if only the activity of the dog has been done, no working is being done on its behaviour then the dog will turn out into misbehaving once it gets chance to. So it is more important to concentrate and work on creating balance rather than just applying tricks on its training.

No Standard Tricks

Dogs are different in sizes and body weight; there physiological functioning is also different. So not every exercise and routine is the same for all dogs. If your dog is fit and young, you can run several miles with your dog as it is necessary for its fitness. But if your dog is older and weak, then you can’t repeat the same procedure for it. So always remember that the energy level of your dog and its age matters when you are planning its exercise and schedule.

Different Needs

Similarly, the needs and feeds of a dog also vary among all the categories. Like if your dog is energetic and active, and then the feed will be different from the one that is slow and cozy. So always remember you cannot give the amount of food to the inactive and overweight dog like that of the hyperactive one.

So all you have to do is consult a veterinarian and according to the body and weight and physical status decide what type and amount of food should be given. And what exercise is right according to the body of your dog.

These were few tips that will help the dog owner in doing the right private dog training if the facility of a trainer is not available around.

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