All About Goechala Trek

Goechala trek is famous for the view of the splendid mountains where you just see mountains around you and nothing else. You don’t only see Kanchenjuga but go through the big summits while trekking. 

Goechala is located over Nepal which is the third highest range across the world and it offers heart taking views of Singalila range from the Dzongri top. It is set at an altitude of 15,100 feet which offers you a mesmerizing view. 

And the biggest joy you get is when you see the sunrise on the Kanchenjunga mountains. You see the Rhododendron forests and when you come in the months of April and May you see the pink and red flowers which will burst your heart. 

Not only this the Samiti lake is another biggest attraction which you will see on Goechala trek. You see the sight of Mt Padiham in the lake which will leave you still. 

What make your trek thrilling:

Your trek becomes thrilling when you see the thick canopy of Rhododendron trees and the dense forest around 12,000 feet. 

While trekking to Goechala trek you will come across three bridges namely Pha Khola, Tshushay Khola and Mentogang Khola and the experience of looking into deep gorge is although more exciting. 

You cross a monastery at Tsokha at 9,500 feet. Believe it’s amazing to visit for. 

And what makes Goechala trek surprising is the dramatic changes in sights. You come across pine trees and on reaching Phe Dang you see the dense forest changes into the barren terrain and the view is startling. The Pre Kuchu river suddenly cuts through the jungle is mystical to watch when you trek from Kokchurang to Thansing. 

Sunrise on Dzongri peak over 13,778 feet is worth climbing there. It offers a panoramic view where the mountains change in colour as the sun rises. 

Camping at Pandim and sitting next to Prek Chu river is what will make your experience unique. You will witness the clear sight of Mt Pandium and the river and you will be sitting enjoying this view. 

Imagine Kanchenjunga rays falling upon you. Well it is the most beautiful you will ever have when you reach Viewpoint 1. On the way back you will encounter Samiti lake which offers deep turquoise waters. 

Best time to visit:

Spring and Autumn season are the best time to go for the Goechala trek. The trek is set on Kanchenjunga national park where you witness different things in different seasons. Goechala trek involves vibrant varieties of flora amidst the forest and it changes colour with different seasons. 

Goechal trek in spring will offer you varied shades of pink and scarlet. You see the blooming Rhododendrons which will mesmerize you. You notice snow patches as you move to higher altitude and who knows you may witness snowfall during spring where the meadows will look clear white.

While trekking in Autumn you witness dark mossy forest under the blue sky. You see sharp views as you reach Tsokha, Dzongri, Thansing and Viewpoint 1. You will also see the piercing star lit sky during Autumn where the air is so clear you cannot imagine. You see a pollution free sky above in Goechala trek. 

Trek safety:

Goechala trek is safe if you come prepared with all the necessities. Since it’s a high altitude trek you require proper acclimatization and endurance at the same time. The trek is well laid out and wide. However the trek is long so those who have high experience do not get difficulty in climbing. If you suffer AMS then there are hospitals in between the trek so do have full information about the same. The nearest hospital is Pelling which is 30 kms away from Yuksom base camp. But if you suffer any symptoms of AMS then you have to start taking steps to treat yourself. 

How to reach Goechala:

To reach Goechala you must reach Youksom first to start it from. Yuksom is about 150 kms from Siliguri, New Jalpaiguri and Bagdogra. You can reach any three junctions by train or air. From this you will reach Jorethang and then to Yuksom base camp. 

So be ready to witness the mysteries of Goechal trek with lots of adventure in it. 

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