Air Conditioning Servicing in Singapore

Air Conditioning Servicing in Singapore

Aircon Servicing Singapore is a company that provides air conditioning service, maintenance, and services in Singapore. It was established in 1969 and has now grown into a successful company serving a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial customers all over the world.

Air conditioning is an integral part of our homes and is essential for the comfort of the people who live in them. A good air conditioning unit not only reduces the heating costs but is also efficient, reliable and durable. It must be maintained regularly to ensure optimum performance. Aircon servicing involves the cleaning of various parts of the air conditioner and ensures that your units run efficiently. It also checks out certain parts of the unit and make sure that it functions properly.

There are two types of air conditioning systems available in the market; the fixed and the variable. The former is the conventional system where it is attached to your house and can be operated manually or with the help of an electric motor, while the latter is the electronic system. This system works on the principles of electric and magnetic fields to move air around. In order to ensure proper functioning, maintenance is necessary for both of these systems.

A thorough check of the air conditioner every month is essential. It is important to get rid of any dust, dirt, and other particles in the air that may cause harm to the unit. After this, a special air compressor called the blower needs to be used. It is essential to regularly check its operation as this will allow you to use it properly without compromising the air quality in your home.

If the air conditioner is experiencing any problems, it is important to immediately contact the service provider. It is also important to ensure that the air filter remains clean to avoid accumulation of dust on its interior parts.

The air conditioner also needs regular cleaning

This is essential to prevent the buildup of dust and dirt on the filters. Regular cleaning also ensures that there is no accumulation of moisture on the air conditioning unit, which is extremely harmful to your unit and other parts of the unit. It also helps to protect the filters from getting damaged. to prevent the filters from becoming damaged.

The filters are easy to maintain and can be cleaned with the help of water and detergent, so that it does not get damaged and needs replacement. When it becomes dirty, the filter is easily removed and cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. It is important to replace the filter on a regular basis to prevent it from getting damaged. causing problems to your air conditioner.

Once the filter gets damaged, it cannot be repaired and will have to be replaced by your technician. Regular maintenance of the air conditioner is a must to avoid further damage to your unit.

You can also get an Active Cool technician to come and fix the aircon servicing for you. However, you should bear in mind that you should never get the technician to work on the air conditioner if he is not trained in the repair of this device. This is because the repair may harm the unit and may even cause a fire. If the technician comes to fix the device on your behalf, you must ensure that you have informed the technician about the basic information about the air conditioner.

Most often, the technician will only replace the filters, without doing any maintenance on the air conditioner. If the unit is working properly, he will take the unit outside and replace the filters. This will help in maintaining the quality of air and also protect your unit from wear and tear.

Other than removing the filters, air conditioner servicing includes cleaning of the air ducts and filters. These should be maintained on a regular basis to maintain the air conditioner’s efficiency. There are many air conditioners that come with a sensor that stops the air conditioner from turning off automatically while in operation.


You can also hire an air conditioner to come and clean your air conditioner if the device has been neglected for a long time and there is no one to clean it for you. However, it is important to remember that regular cleaning of the air conditioner may not always ensure that it is operating well. It is also important to have an expert clean the air conditioner regularly in order to maintain its efficiency.