Mini-Split Air Conditioner Install Tips VS Gas Ducted Heating and Evap Coolers

Heating and cooling your home is super important. If you’re thinking about buying a standard split system to heat and cool your home.

One of the first things you may be introduced to is a calculator to size up the unit for

Space you’re wanting to heat and cool and you can forget about heating and cooling your whole home with just one or two split system installations.

Well this is a three-bedroom home that is being heated and cooled with just a 2.6-kilowatt split system.

Mini-Split Air Conditioner
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It’s doing it quite comfortably these calculators do not take into consideration or high performing building envelope meanwhile no matter how terrible your home is.

A correctly sized ducted heating system is considered an acceptable way to heat your whole home. In Sydney mostly people use the ducted heating systems so there are companies offering Ducted Air Conditioning Installation In Sydney.

You turn it on you instantly feel the heat that it’s producing one thing is for sure the liquor in your home even if the system is correctly sized for your house.

You will have higher energy bills if you’re trying to keep comfortable in your home that has both ducted heating and evaporative cooling.

What money you might save on cooling you will most definitely spend on heating because hot air rises and pushes straight through all your evaporative cooling ductwork gas ducted heating systems.

Can have massive openings in the return air cavity like having an internal wall which also creates and induced pressure on your home. When it’s in operation forcing warm conditioned air throughout all the holes in your home.

Mini-Split Air Conditioner
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Let’s talk about building envelope performance all these ducted systems complicate the building envelope.

So let’s simplify it by removing the ducted heating system and removing the evaporative cooler introducing exhaust systems with draught stoppers.

Generally sealing up the home while at the same time retrofitting insulation on all air barrier surfaces and remember insulation consistency is key you won’t need to install.

A stud system in every room if energy has got nowhere to go it will just hang around house temperatures and relative humidity levels stay more stable.

You need way less energy to keep comfortable humidity control is super important and it’s as important as temperature for comfort it can actually be more important because it can impact comfort health and controlling mold.

The further your home stays away from dew point the less likely mold will grow on surfaces in your home.

The Dakin us7 is one of those splits that can control humidity most split systems dry the inside air.

When they are in a cooling mode but when heating relative humidity goes down slowly because warmer air expands and you can store more moisture in it the ultimate humidity for human health and comfort is around 40 to 60%.

So why a split system is more efficient for heating than a gas ducted heat up energy losses from the ducted distribution system are a massive part of it.

A ducted heating system can actually aggravate air leakage if air from outside is then sucked into the returned bypassing filtration.

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Your ducted heating system will push conditioned air to the outside during its operation with a single split system if you’re building envelope is inadequate you can heat or pool a smaller closed-off area of your home.

Ducted heating it’s either everything or nothing the reverse cycle. Split systems are great because they don’t complicate the building envelope As ducted systems can.

However, there are negating factors installing multiple split systems on home and completely negative neglecting building performance.

A commonly overlooked issue buying a cheaper less efficient split system because you have heaps of solar capacity get just one or two high-quality efficient split systems that also control humidity and provide fresh air for your home.

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