Advantages Of Learning The Quran By Applying Tajweed Rules

I live in Melbourne, Australia where finding a certified Quran teacher is a Gordian task. I was very young when I move here. Although, I have learned the Quran yet I always wanted to learn it with the best Tajweed and Qiraat style. For many years, I was busy in my academic and professional life. My life was very busy even sometimes I did not find time to make a call to my parents. Now, I have achieved many things in my life. The only thing that is lacking is learning the Quran with Tajweed. I went to my nearby madrassah for learning Tajweed but it was very time-consuming. I started feeling boring with this monotonous routine. Then, I decided to take online Quran classes in the flexible environment of my home.

I contacted an online Quran reading academy for a trial session. After taking a 3-days trial classes I was satisfied enough to start proper classes. Their charges were affordable as well. The payment method was also simple and convenient. Being a female, I feel more comfortable while taking classes with a female tutor. That’s why I chose a female Quran tutor for taking classes. I consulted her and after mutual discussion, we selected a timetable.

On the next day, I was eagerly waiting for my class. I set up the internet connection and Skype for online Tajweed Quran class. I signed up 7 minutes earlier but to my surprise,the teacher was already available there. I was really impressed with her punctuality. We had a proper conversation before staring a one-on-one interactive session. I was deeply indulged in taking the class that I did not know when the class was over.

The female Quran tutor used a stepwise approach to teach lessons. She shared some textbooks, reference books, and audio files to strengthen my knowledge about Tajweed rules. She also taught me to apply the right Tajweed rule in the right position. Initially, she focused on building the foundation to develop a basic understanding of this course.

During online Tajweed Quran classes, I was taught the comprehensive structure of verses and Arabic language to articulate the proper pronunciation. The teachers focused on sharing every minute detail with me to clear my conceptsof  Arabic language. I was taught rules for Al-Isti‘aatha, Noon Al-Saakinah, Noon and MeemMushaddadah, Meem Al-Saakinah, Al-Qalqalah, Ahkaam Al-Madd, Al-Laam, Hamzah, Makhaarij Al-Huroof, SifaatulHuroof, levels of Tafkheem, rules of Raa, and many other rules.

The Islamic educational background of professional female Quran tutor helped me a lot in understanding the lessons. Her communication style has made a fan of her. With every passing day, I became a master of phonetics and articulation of Arabic alphabets. The teacher pointed out all mistakes to make me a veteran in reading the Quran with Tajweed. Now, I have confidence in reciting the Quran elegantly in front of others. You can count on a good online Quran reading academy for getting the quality Islamic education for learners of all ages.

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