Advantages and importance of responsive website design

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Hardly any of us is able to imagine the everyday life without an access to World Wide Web. This invention, although pretty young, has become a great facility for most of us at work and at home. Nevertheless, as far back as ten years ago things were much simpler, also for web designers, as mobile devices were not as popular and functional as they are now, and people got their access to web via PC in most cases.

Well, not any more!

According to the 2013 report, about 40% of web surfing time is spent on mobile devices. When it comes to SEO, it means in practice that even 50% of people visiting your website will do it via smartphone or tablet. The conclusion is selft-explanatory: it is nearly a SEO-suicide not to have your website designed for mobile devices.

Main benefits of responsive design

Of course you cannot tell how many people would use mobile devices when viewing your website. Luckily, you do not have to choose between two equally good concepts. What you need is responsive web design (RWD). Implementing such a design is a benefit as it means that your website will reformat automatically to a device that is currently used when displaying any of its webpages. Thus, your website will look and work fairly good on smartphones, tablets and PCs as well.

Why is responsive design important?

Responsive design is important from the viewpoint for white label SEO services, as it basically makes your website reasonably user-friendly. Without RWD, you might deter all mobile visitors, who would rather leave your website immediately than wait for ages for your page to be displayed. Therefore, if you fail to remember about implementing RWD, your website will probably get a high bounce rate (in other words: most visitors will leave your website without a single interaction; bad design is one of the main reasons of high bounce rate, next to poor usability).

Not only visitors deterrence is a serious issue; lack of RWD may result in various errors, such as redirection failures, display errors and many more. Thereupon, errors in Google algorithm of your website indexing and downloading may occur. And this is a straight way to worsening of your search engine ranking. As you see, RWD is worth your attention as an up-to-date SEO issue.

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