How to Accept Payment with QuickBooks

This guide tells you the best way to accept payments through QuickBooks Online. It’s helpful for receiving payments from customers. With the correct approach, apply customer payments to your invoices, reducing accounts receivable. Get payments with Mastercard, charge card, ACH bank transfer, or PayPal. Your providers accept payments when you’re using the Tipalti AP automation app for QuickBooks Online.

How Do You Set Up QuickBooks Online to Accept Payments? 

Accepting payments through QuickBooks Online is easy. To automatically match and apply customer payments to invoices, utilize the Payments feature. Try not to enter the customer receipts as deposits. 

To utilize the Payments feature, register with Intuit through your QuickBooks Online software. 

Intuit Merchant Services is the payment processor. This Fiserv article explains the distinction between a payment gateway and a payment processor. Online stores use payment gateways for internet business. This article from the payment gateway company AmeriCommerce is a how-to, bit by bit manage on “setting up the Intuit QuickBooks Payment Gateway. A payment gateway allows your online store to interface with your merchant bank account. It acts as a ‘virtual terminal,’ as opposed to a card-swipe terminal.” If you need a payment gateway, you can set it up after you get your QuickBooks Payments account to get customer payments, as depicted in this guide. 

You may already have a merchant account with Intuit’s Merchant Services or GoPayment. You actually need to follow this process to associate it with QuickBooks to accept payments from customers. 

To start receiving payments in QuickBooks Online, click the Settings gear symbol on the upper right half of the QuickBooks Online toolbar. 

At the point when the Settings menu opens, pick Accounts and Settings, then Payments. You’ll see this screen:

You can accept payments through QuickBooks, emailed online invoices, and versatile. Cell phones include your iOS or Android telephone or tablet. The bank transfers are ACH payments. 

In case you’re already using Intuit Merchant Services or GoPayment for payment processing, press the Connect button. Otherwise, press the Learn More catch to set up Payments through QuickBooks Online. 

The next screen labeled Business lets you enter business information in a structure. The subsequent screen labeled Owner/Proprietor is a structure for entering proprietor information. To check your business, Intuit utilizes business and proprietor information. 

The third screen, labeled Bank, asks you to associate with your bank account (by entering your bank username and bank password). QuickBooks asks you to enter the bank account into which payments will be deposited. In the Bank screen, Intuit states:

“By selecting Next, I authorize Intuit to debit my bank account on file for payments services fees on a daily basis, starting the day after my first transaction. I can cancel at any time in my QuickBooks account settings.” 

You’ll see another Intuit notice near the lower part of the Bank screen and the next screen:

“By selecting Submit, I agree to the Intuit Merchant Agreement, the privacy policy, and the pricing. I provide my “written instructions” to authorize Intuit to pull my credit report to use for this service.”  

In the event that you agree, press the Activate Payments button. That finishes the process of signing ready for accepting QuickBooks Payments. QuickBooks will send you an email within about the next two days when you’re approved for using the service. 

You’ll get your first customer payment in your bank account within five business days. After you get your first payment, you’ll get customer payments a lot speedier to help your cash stream. That’s by the next business day (or even the same business day for qualified accounts).

Accepting Payments Online through QuickBooks 

For online payments, you can choose your favorite payment type and send invoices to your customers with a Pay now button. You can set up recurring invoices and recurring sales receipts for recurring customer payments. 

Decide to accept PayPal payments by issuing eInvoices with QuickBooks Online. 

The Tipalti AP automation app for ​QuickBooks Online gives the interface portal to providers to onboard themselves. Sellers enter their contact information. Then they upload tax structures, upload invoices, and select their favored payment strategy. Self-service provider onboarding saves your accounts payable department a significant amount of time. It also increases data accuracy. 

Accepting Card Payments in QuickBooks Online 

You have options on how to accept card payments through QuickBooks Online (credit or charge). 

In the event that you don’t already have the point of sale gear, Merchant Services will send you a free versatile card reader for receiving portable payments. You can demand the free portable card reader from a link in your QuickBooks Payments approval email. Utilize this QuickBooks point of sale gadget for customer card processing. Insert chip cards, swipe, or tap to capture customer charge or Mastercard information and processing. 

QuickBooks card payments alternatives available through Intuit payments include: 

  • Visa 
  • Mastercard 
  • Discover
  • American Express 
  • Apple Pay 
  • Bank cards 

Other than credit and charge card transactions, you can pick ACH payments to get payments from customers that you’ve invoiced. You may also want to look at our manual for understanding the amount Quickbooks charges to process credit and check card payments. 

QuickBooks Payments Review 

We’ve concealed how to  Manage QuickBooks Merchant Service Centre. Our basic explanations include bit by bit screen captures. We also give you a link for how to set up a payment gateway on the off chance that you need to for your online internet business shop. You can accept and get online payments, including PayPal, in-person payments with a versatile card reader, or charge or Visa numbers manually entered in. You can also accept ACH payments from customers. 

Via automating your accounts payable with the Tipalti app for QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Online Advanced, you’ll have significant time savings and labor savings that favorably impact your cash stream. When using Tipalti AP automation, make sure to tell your providers and sellers about this guide for receiving payments in QuickBooks Online.

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