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Chikmagalur truly signifies “The town of the more youthful little girl” in the local Kannada language. The community is said to have been granted as an endowment to the more youthful little girl of Rukmangada, the incredible head of Sakrepatna and ultimately the name. Chikmagalur was where espresso was first developed in Quite a while. Chikmagalur locale additionally contains Mullayanagiri, the most elevated top in Karnataka. 

The city is put in the midst of a grand scene in a fruitful valley; it is encircled by lavish green espresso estate slopes. The good ways from Bangalore and its circumstance in the lap of Mother Nature make this spot an ideal end of the week door for all Bangaloreans.get in touch for Resorts in Chikmagalur in your trips.

Term of the excursion: It was a 2 days and 1 night trip for us. 

Transportation: We voyaged this goal with our own vehicle. We began from Bangalore at around 4:30 AM in the morning on a Saturday and came to Chikmagalur at around 10:00 AM. For coming back to Bangalore, we began around 4:00 PM on Sunday and came to by 9:00 PM. 

While in transit to Chikmagalur 

Day 1: As I previously referenced, we began from Bangalore at around 4:30 AM toward the beginning of the day and came to thereby 10:00 AM. In transit, we halted at a Café Coffee Day and had our morning meal over yonder. 

After coming to Chikmagalur, we boarded in The Planters Court. We booked two twofold bedrooms at Rs. 1075/ – each (barring charges) as we were four individuals. The lodging has free stopping office in the grounds itself which was something we didn’t discover in the vast majority of the other spending inns in Chikmagalur. Resorts in Chikmagalur to contact us.

Front perspective on the Hotel 

When we got into the room, we spruce up and chose to go for touring in the wake of eating. We had our lunch in Hotel Mayura, however, it was a little veggie lover eatery, yet they served the best north Indian food I at any point had in whole south India. Indeed, even the celebrated eateries of Bangalore don’t serve such flavorful north Indian food. 

Subsequent to getting a charge out of the scrumptious lunch, we booked a taxi from the close by KSRTC transport stop for the touring reason. In spite of the fact that we had our vehicle with us, yet none of us were sufficiently sure to head to the slope station, thus we didn’t face any challenge. Along these lines, from the bus station, we booked a Tata Indica in Rs 2200/ – with an arrangement of demonstrating six most well-known places around Chikmagalur in two days. 

Athigundi is a little town while in transit to Baba Budan Giri. The spot gives an astoundingly beautiful view to the travelers and an amazing spot for photography. 

Honnamana Halla Falls is a little fall again while in transit to Baba Budan Giri. In spite of the fact that there is not a lot to see as it’s a littlest of falls, however, there were numerous sightseers who were appreciating the spot. 

Honnaman Halla Fall 

Bababudan Giri Datta Pet is the fundamental fascination of the day. When we came to there it began coming down, and the spot was completely secured by fogs with a permeability of under 50 meters. Be that as it may, the fog included a rush in the excursion. 

Close to the passageway of the Shirin 

There were three enormous caverns, said to have been blessed by three Siddhas contain their symbols and ‘gadgets’ (burial chambers), and a yearly Jatra is held here in their respect. The exciting landscape around makes this many frequented pioneer focuses. This sacred spot is adored by the two Hindus and Muslims. A guide lit here during Deepavali can be seen at Chikmagalur. The pinnacle takes its name from the Muslim Saint, Baba-Budan, who lived here for over 150 years. 

Moreover, these are the spots that the first historically speaking espresso in the nation was developed path in 1670 A.D. 

Jhari Falls is supposed to be perhaps the best fall close by Chikmagalur. To visit the spot one needs to stroll to around two kilometers downwards from the street inside woods. All things being equal, the spot is loaded with filters should we didn’t face the challenge to make it to this spot. 

Close Jhari Falls 

When we wrapped up these spots, it began pouring vigorously, and we got totally soaked. We returned to the inn and got spruced up. Afterward, we went for supper at the lodging’s eatery. Food was acceptable there likewise however not in contrast with the one we had for lunch in Hotel Mayura. 

Day 2: We had our morning meal at the lodging and looked at in from that point in the first part of the day keeping our whole gear in the vehicle. As I previously advised that we would not like to face the challenge of touring driving own vehicle and booked a vehicle for the touring, we required some spot to keep the vehicle. We mentioned the woman behind the inn gathering, and she was liberal enough to permit us. 

The in front of the pack we visited early today was Seethalayan Matha, while in transit to Mullayanagiri. Seethala Mallappana Kanive to one side is said to have been blessed by Sidha Seethalaya and contains a Matha and the double sanctuary of Seethala-Mallikarjuna. 

Seethalayan Matha 

At that point, we continue towards Mullaiyanagiri, the most noteworthy purpose of the area and in Karnataka, it ascends to 1926.7 meters over the ocean level and is arranged in the south of the range. The little hillock in the sanctuary compound is the most elevated point in Karnataka. The way to Mullayanagiri is extremely limited with sees from steep bluffs. Heading to the pinnacle is outlandish and incorporates a trip up the slope from the midpoint. There is a little sanctuary on the head of the slope. We heard that from the highest point on the slope, the Arabian Sea is noticeable on sunny mornings. Be that as it may, our own was not a day of such a climate. 


Our driver cautioned us on different occasions to begin promptly in the first part of the day for Mullaiyanagiri else it will begin coming down, however, we were unable to make it early. Thus when we came there it began pouring intensely. With the substantial downpour Additionally, we attempted to climb the steps to the top, however, we were unable to make it past the midway. The downpour and wind were so intense; we were feeling we may be tossed down the slope at any time of time. By the by, it was a real existence time understanding to value. 

We had no waterproof shell with us, and it was not in the slightest degree conceivable to open the umbrella which left us soak like anything. It was difficult to come back to Bangalore in such soaked garments, thus we requested the woman in Hotel Planters Court to permit us a room so we can change there, and she gave her liberality again by assigning us a room that too with no expense. 

None of us needed to leave Chikmagalur without the flavor of Hotel Mayura, thus we went there again for lunch. Subsequent to getting a charge out of the delightful Kashmiri Biriyani, we began for Bangalore by 3:30 PM. 

Note: From my experience beneath are the couple of tips I need to share. 

1. Conveying woolens and downpour coat is an absolute necessity in Chikmagalur. 

2. In the event that you need to make it to the head of Mullaiyanagiri, start right on time for the spot. 

3. On the off chance that you are not a specialist driver, don’t face the challenge of utilizing your own vehicle for touring. Particularly in the event that you are from Bangalore don’t at all challenging to.

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