A Superior Smoker BBQ Grill

Even for casual grillers, the outdoor cooking area including the grill is a point of focus for gathering and good times. Everyone to some degree or other takes a measure of pride in their equipment, and if you’re looking for a great smoker BBQ grill, make sure you consider the Kamado Blaze 20” Cast Aluminum smoker grill while you are shopping around.

Smoking requires a very fine, very precise degree of control over temperature, oxygen, direct and indirect heat as well as the size and humidity of the wood chips being used for smoke, among other things. It is by no means a beginner’s art, and those who dedicate themselves to the art of smoking meats will study it and perfect their techniques for their whole lives. This is a smoker bbq grill that would do justice even to the most serious practitioners of smoking meats.

This smoker grill is not only tough but built for precision – this article will scarcely have room enough to cover all of its many virtues. The entire body of the grill is made from cast aluminum that is up to an inch and a quarter thick and is made to last a lifetime – literally. For a demonstration of just how tough this grill is, check out the video in the link about. It is an actual tank. Besides its ability to handle abuse, aluminum is lighter than stainless steel and also less reactive, meaning it will stand up to the elements much better. In fact, it comes with Kamado’s lifetime warranty.

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It also comes with an exhaust cap that is precision molded for exact control over the outflow of heat, something that is critical for smokers to control, along with the inflow of air. The ports at the bottom of the grill account for that and this grill can be controlled and maintained within very limited ranges of temperature, crucial for smoking success. It is also designed with a special seal that prevents heat from getting out or air from getting in.

As you might already know, in addition to the fact that you must be able to exert great control over the air intake and oxygen consumption inside of the grill, you must also be able to add fuel and wood chips as needed. This charcoal grill is thoughtfully designed with a hinging cooking surface that enables you to tend to the fuel or wood chips without having to remove it.

Those who are taking smoking and slow cooking serious – those who idolize wood fired flavor – will love this smoker grill. That being said, it is not the only serviceable option out there. Go back to the link above, which takes you to Embers Living’s product listing on the grill in question.

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This is a superior grill and smoker, but there are many other BBQ smokers and grills on their website, and each one will bring with it something for grill masters to love. Whether you are looking for a gas grill, a wood pellet grill or even an electric smoker, there are plenty of options on their website.

And, if you’re still learning about the joys of smoky flavor that are only obtainable through years of experience and grilling, don’t worry. Embers Living’s experts have helped thousands of aspiring grill masters just like you. If you have questions about their pellet grills and smokers, just give them a call and they’ll answer all your questions and even make recommendations. If you can’t find what you need on their website, you can give them a call at 303-800-5659 and let them know more about what you need.

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