A Spyderco Pocket Knife is Always a Good Bet

Barely over a 100 years ago, mass produced knives were hardly heard of. Even once manufactured items began to become commonplace in American homes, mass produced knives were a little slow on the uptake. At first, and for the first several years of the 20th century, the American consumer only had a few choices in knives for domestic and recreational use. For the most part, knives were still produced on a smaller scale, and among those that weren’t, most people could take their choice among Marbles, Buck and perhaps a few others, depending on where they lived.

Today, modern consumers have no shortage at all when it comes to picking out a knife for a myriad of uses. Modern Americans can take their pick of high quality mass produced knives for tactical uses, for EDC, for hunting and fishing, or bushcraft and camping among many other uses. Just as choice was a limiting factor back in the, today it can be overwhelming.

Even so, there are a few names that garner a great deal of respect among collectors and enthusiasts. For example, Marbles and Buck still command a great deal of respect among modern users. With that in mind, there are plenty of other options in great quality knives that modern users choose, those that have plenty of features and are made from high quality materials.

Among these, Spyderco pocket knives are seated firmly near the top of the group. Items produced by Spyderco are highly regarded not only for the quality of their components but also for their user friendly features.

A Spyderco pocket knife, despite its flashy and immediately recognizable design, will be widely acclaimed first and foremost for its high quality and durable build. Spyderco puts the quality of its materials first, and for that reason, Spyderco knives are made from steels that are well known for their ability to resist corrosion as well as for their edge retention and general toughness. Among their catalog of blade steels you are liable to find knives with BDN1, LC 200 N, CTS-XHP, among other more common steels. Spyderco has never been afraid of experimenting with designs making use of extremely tough and premium steels, and quality comes first in the form of a rock solid blade that will hold an edge, take a beating and keep on performing.

Blade steels aren’t the be all and end all of Spyderco knives, however. They make equal use of premium components in their scales and the rest of their components as well. You will find frames, liners and scales made of extremely tough and dependable materials like stainless steel, carbon fiber and titanium among them.

On top of their premium materials, a Spyderco pocket knife is also made with features in design that will make it easier and more practical to carry and use. Many come with pocket clips that can be switched up for a variety of carry methods, sport extremely strong frame locks and liner locks as well as blades with full flat grinds that can take and hold a razor’s edge.

Fans of Spyderco also appreciate the company’s adherence to immediately recognizable designs, with their humpbacked designs and ubiquitously spydie holes that some users find offer better grip and can even be used with ferro rods.

Spyderco pocket knives are not the only products that Spydero makes that fans around the country – and the world – really love. Among their products you can also find fixed blade knives, tools and even specialty products like a Spyderco kitchen knife set. If you’re looking to find a good variety in options, then take a look at the collection you will find at White Mountain Knives. On their website, WhiteMountainKnives.com, you will find plenty of Spyderco knives and products at great prices. Orders in the U.S. ship free, so don’t hold off on that new knife you’ve been wanting!

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