A Simple Guide to French Style Furniture

Graceful curves and hand-carved rosettes, refined opulence and awe-inspiring attention to detail. These are some of the defining traits of French Style Furniture, which has remained a popular choice for home decor since it first arose in the courts of the French aristocracy centuries ago.

French style furniture distinguishes itself as a premier option for anyone wanting to produce an aura of delightful elegance in their home. This distinct style captures the imagination and demands your full attention, without being overly gaudy.

Genuine French furniture draws your eye and invites you into another world, giving you a true sense of luxury.

Figuring out how to decorate with such beautiful and demanding pieces of furniture might seem daunting at first. However, incorporating this style into your home is easier than you might think. This guide will help you fall in love with the ornate and exquisite makeup of French furniture so you can introduce this look into your home.

Royal Qualities to Enhance Any Room
You have a grand vision for your home and want to bring it to life with lavish pieces of classic French style furniture, but you aren’t quite sure of the specific qualities and traits you need to make sure everything looks coherent and artful.

At its heart, the French style is easy to understand and visualize. There are only a few major points you need to remember when seeking out pieces that fit into this theme.

Plenty of Curves
You may find curves on just about any kind of French furniture. From dining tables to vanity mirrors, and everything in between. Curves are one of those staple traits of French furniture which adds to its beauty and gracefulness.

Refined and Pleasant Colors
Depending on the era, Classic French furniture pieces tend to be simple and refined, with golds, silvers, pearl whites, and gentle pinks. Natural woods contrasted with cream-colored upholstery or muted gold. The style is soft and easy on the eyes.

Tasteful Floral Elements
Flower carvings and floral imagery are quite prominent in French furniture and are one of the traits you want to look for if you intend on creating a cohesive French style in your home. You will often see banisters, headboards, cabinets, and even simple end tables gilded in floral elements of all shapes and sizes.

If you start with these common French-style themes, finding the right furniture to fit your needs and craft your dream home will be a cinch. Other traits to look out for are scalloped carving, fluted legs, and plenty of little embellishments. French furniture is both elegant and whimsical, which adds to its timelessness.

Where to Find French Style Furniture
A piece of French Furniture can be a beautiful addition to any room! Our favorite homes pick and choose a few beautiful pieces to sprinkle throughout. Perhaps a classic Louis Philippe Mirror over a bathroom sink, or stunning Louis XVI style dining chairs around your current dining table. Subtle introductions of French Furniture will help elevate your space and add a touch of unexpected elegance.

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