A Simple Guide To Applying For A PAN Card Online.

Applying for a Pan card is quite simple and straightforward. There aren’t any complicated steps that are involved, and you can get the job done quite seamlessly and would take the entire process 15-30 minutes to carry out provided you have all the required documents ready. Hence, a detailed guide on applying for a PAN card is provided below. Take a look.

Process of applying for a PAN card.

·         Visit the NSDL website.

The first and foremost step would be to head onto the NSDL website to avail the PAN card application form. Based on the requirement, choose the type of application that you wish to apply for.

·         Choose the PAN card application form.

From the various applications options that you can choose from, choose the ones that you wish to apply. For Indian citizens, choose the 49A form, for foreign personals, choose the 49AA form. For a duplicate PAN card, select the necessary option displayed on the page.

·         Fill in the relevant details.

Thus, once you have chosen the desired application form that you wish to apply, then fill in the required details that are necessary to get a PAN card. Once you are sure about the entered information is correct to your knowledge and is appropriate, then click on the submit option.

·         Fill in the required information as prompted.

Once you click on the submit option, then there would be a token number that would be provided and click on proceed to the PAN card application page and based on the choosing the type of PAN card you require, extra information would be demanded.

·         Enter the documents that you wish to register.

There are options that you can choose from where you can either send the documents physically or scan the documents and upload them or proceed through E-sign options for the document verification process. Choose the desired options and progress like Muthoot Fincorp.

·         Make the payment.

Once you have chosen the desired mode of document verification, then you will have to pay a certain amount that is to be paid. Hence, the payment options are either through demand draft or through online net banking.  

·         Download the documents and post them to NSDL.

After you have made all the necessary payments, then you have to declare that the overall documents and information entered is accurate and then download the documents and then attach two passport-sized photos onto the application but not staple them. Sign from the left and then courier the documents along with supporting proof documents to the NSDL office.

Hence, the above-given process is a short overview of the things that go behind applying for a PAN card. For a duplicate pan card, the procedure is quite similar but would require some payment to be made which would be lesser than applying for a new one. 

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