A Preparation Guide for the SBI PO Exam

Preparation of the SBI PO exam requires a time-bound study deviated into multiple parts. This exam is not so easy and requires a lot of skills for qualifying. A quick tip for those preparing for it is to go through the SBI PO question paper of previous years. This is a great way to cover the major part of your syllabus in less time.

A Preparation Guide for SBI PO Exam

SBI conducts its PO exam every year. It comprises two written examinations, i.e., Prelims and Mains. All those who qualify for Prelims can proceed to Mains.

Candidates planning to be eligible for one of the toughest examinations must go through a well-described preparation guide and follow it to the best of their capability.

A preparation guide will offer you all the essential tips that can help clear your SBI PO examination. This guide enables you to solve the questions with high accuracy within the specified time limits.

Go through this preparation guide well to qualify for the SBI PO exam.

Revise Previous Year Question Papers

It is crucial to focus on revising critical topics or topics that are regularly asked in the previous year’s question papers. The SBI PO question paper from at least three previous years is vital to include in your study material, as they give a proper path to your preparation.

Revise With Short Tutorials

There are numerous tutorials accessible on the internet that can guide you in preparing for your bank exam. Go through those tutorials for better revision.

Build Section-Wise Preparation Tips

It is crucial to remember that there is a limited and fixed time to solve each section. So, to strive for a maximum number of questions, there should be a pre-planned strategy. If you plan to cover the reasoning section first, there should be a pre-decided strategy of what type of questions you will attempt at first.

Analyse Mock Tests

Taking the help of full-length mock tests for different sections is very critical. This is a great way to analyse your performance level after every mock test. You can also try different quizzes to analyse your preparation strategy and can modify them as per requirement.

Be Clear With Concepts

To do well in your SBI PO exam, you need to be clear with your concepts. If you are not, there is no way to proceed further and obtain success. This is the most pertinent obstacle most candidates face.

Plan Section-Wise Strategy

You need to divide your entire syllabus based on sections and plan the most appropriate strategy accordingly. For instance, if you are good at reasoning but not so good at analytics, plan a strategy that consists of the larger portion of analytics and lesser reasoning.

Learn Shortcuts

Shortcuts are beneficial if you are preparing for the PO exam. Most of the questions in the examination can be solved by playing smartly. Learn the shortest routes to break down a problem and solve it. 

Increase Practice

Increase your practice by going through multiple study materials such as online quizzes, previous year papers, mock tests, etc. Practice will make you proficient in solving most questions in the least time.

No Guesswork

When you are preparing for the SBI PO examination, avoid any guesswork, as it will not help in any way.

Avoid Spending Too Much Time at One Question

If you are not getting the solution to any question, move on to the second one. Keep a limited time for each question and try to solve it within that time frame.


SBI preparation tips and strategies can be constructive as they are based on facts and can help you in clearing your bank exam on your first attempt.

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