A low-interest rate personal loan from Fullerton in Short Time

Most people go for a Fullerton personal loan. Want to know the reason? Together, let’s figure it out. A multi-purpose loan is a Fullerton personal loan since it can be used to buy a home, finance an unplanned holiday, or pay for an education, or some other cause. For a borrower, a collateral-free personal loan is often a stronger and safer choice. Fullerton personal loan provides tenure for repayment beginning from 1 year to 5 years. When taking a personal loan from Fullerton, a borrower may also take advantage of prepayment or part payment.

Fullerton India provides borrowers with numerous advantages, making it one of the strongest lenders for personal loans. From supplying the elevated loan volume to special personalized deals at a low-interest rate for flexible tenures. In the best possible way, Fullerton aims to help people. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose a personal loan from Fullerton:

  • High Loan Amount: For all eligible loan seekers, Fullerton offers a high level of personal loans. Rs.25 Lakhs is the maximum amount of personal loan offered by Fullerton India (t&c apply).
  • Competitive Interest Rate: Fullerton India provides personal loan at a pocket-friendly interest rate to ensure maximum value for the borrower. The personal loan interest rate varies depending on an applicant’s profile and many other factors. The Fullerton India personal loan interest rate usually varies from 12.99 percent up to 40 percent.
  • Simple Loan Accessibility: Fullerton ensures easy loan accessibility with a large presence of active branches in both urban and rural regions.
  • Additional benefits for existing customers: For pre-approved personal loans, Fullerton provides all of the exclusive benefits to its current customers. Fullerton also provides pre-approved personal loans to its existing customers.
  • Easy Processing of Loan Application: Fullerton personal loans are quick, and with an online loan application, you can even apply. The loan process is short, easy, and requires minimal paperwork and quick disbursing of loans.
  • Instant Loan Approval: When a borrower needs to make several trips, those days are gone, but now with Fullerton, they can quickly apply for a personal loan online. A few working days for loan approval for the eligible applicants were included in the online personal loan application.
  • Periodic offers: During the festival season and from time to time, Fullerton provides lucrative seasonal discounts on the rate of interest and processing fees.

Fullerton Personal Loan Interest Rate

Various lenders have emerged from this huge demand for personal loans and Fullerton is among the prominent ones. Fullerton provides a wide variety of financial products, and one of the most favored is a personal loan.

That said, the fact that a personal loan is a liability that attracts interest that needs to be effectively repaid cannot be ignored. The interest rate on the Fullerton personal loan interest rate for salaried borrowers begins at 12.99 percent.

Fullerton’s loan can be used for various reasons, such as medical care in the event of an emergency, payment of additional loans, marital expenses, and other personal financial requirements. Few variables continue to fluctuate based on the interest rates of personal loans. Also, it varies broadly from one lender to another. Let’s just take a look:

1. Earnings

Personal loan interest rates are primarily influenced by the income of an individual. Generally, when using a personal loan, a high-salaried person is a better bet. In the case of high-salaried persons, the chances of prompt repayment of the loan amount are higher.

2. The Past of Repayment

In deciding the personal loan rate of interest, repayment history plays a significant role. Usually, it acts as a validation of loans and credit cards’ past financial records. Additional points on the current score are applied when a person makes a payment on the previous loan.

Thus, in the case of repayment history, aim to make it a point to have a clean slate. A decent credit score guarantees a low-interest rate, which ultimately encourages more capital to be saved.

3. Enterprise

A good deal of personal loans is ensured by the reputation of an organization. He/she is more considerate towards the timely EMI payments when a person works for a reputable business.

A loan seeker may use the personal loan EMI calculator available online to obtain the estimated EMI number.

4. The Jobs Essence

The personal loan rate of interest is also dictated by the individual nature of employment. In general, a major gap has been shown between the interest rates given to a salaried employee and a self-employed businessman.

5. Relationship with Customers

The relationship with the personal loan lender is another significant factor influencing the personal loan interest rate. If the borrower was a faithful current customer with a strong repayment record, certain special rewards and offers may be provided by the loan provider. The interest rate on a personal loan will be calculated by a stable relationship with the lender. Special schemes and deals are often offered from clients with an existing account or credit card.

Common list of required documents for the Fullerton Personal Loan

The list of requirements differs depending on the applicant’s profile. Following is the common document list required for the Fullerton Personal loan:

  • Duly filled loan application form
  • Recent passport-sized photograph.
  • Identity proof (any of the following)
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport Copy
  • Driving License
  • Voter ID Card
  • Address Proof (any of the following)
  • Passport Copy
  • Rental Agreement
  • Driving License
  • Bank Statement or Passbook
  • Electricity Bill
  • Ration Card
  • Telephone Bill
  • Age Proof (any of the following)
  • Passport Copy
  • PAN Card
  • Any other certificate obtained from a statutory authority
  • Last 3 Salary Slips or Last 6 months Bank Statements/ Passbook
  • Form 16
  • Last 3 years IT Returns


Availing a personal loan from Fullerton India at a low rate of interest is not difficult provided you fulfill its eligibility requirements and have a good credit score.

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