A Look At Everpure Water Filter Systems

When it comes to drinking water, quality is a factor that we often take for granted. As long as our water looks and tastes clean, we drink it without a second thought. Sadly many waterborne contaminants can make it past our senses undetected, meaning that water filtration is still important even if you think your water quality is perfect. Adding an Everpure water filter system to your kitchen sink is the perfect way to know that the water your family is drinking was filtered directly before consumption.

Everpure systems offer convenience and powerful water filtration all in one convenient package. Unlike filtered water pitchers, the most common home filtration option, Everpure systems are installed under your sink and hooked directly to your water line. This means that they don’t require constant maintenance like the daily refillings that most pitchers need. Because the filter is hooked directly to a pressured water line, the media can be packed tighter and provide vastly superior filtration compared to other types of home filters.

The filter cartridges used in Everpure systems feature several distinct advantages over other cartridge designs. They use Everpure’s proprietary Micro-Pure filter media, which can capture and remove waterborne contaminants as small as half a micron in size! To give that metric some more meaning, half a micron is one hundredth the thickness of a single strand of hair. This makes these filters powerful enough to remove dangerous waterborne contaminants including heavy metals and biological cysts.

Most of the popular H series Everpure water filter systems have a unique cartridge design where the internal filter media is arranged along a pleated membrane. This helps to increase the flow of water through the cartridge while maintaining a high surface area for the filtration media itself. The lifespan of these cartridges is based on their specific models, with capacity measured based on the average number of gallons that each cartridge can filter.

Typically these cartridges can filter hundred and even thousands of gallons of water. Regardless of your filter’s capacity, you should change your cartridge at least once per year. This significantly reduces the maintenance requirements compared to some systems that require monthly cartridge replacement. All Everpure cartridges come with a convenient indicator that slowly turns from white to solid red over the course of a year. This makes it easy to remember when you are due for a replacement cartridge.

The process of installing and maintaining these filters is simple. The entire filtration system can be installed under your sink using only a few basic tools. As far as dispensing your water, there are two options. Most Everpure filters dispense their water using a small air gap faucet that can be installed on your sink or countertop. Alternatively, for homeowners who don’t want to add a new fixture to their kitchen, Everpure’s full flow systems use your faucet’s existing cold water side to dispense your filtered water.

If you would like to add a quality Everpure water filter system to your home, you can find plenty of incredible options at www.efilters.net. Their team specializes in helping home and business owners find the filtration systems they need. After years of working with a variety of brands, they have chosen to focus on Everpure products because they offer the best balance of efficiency and water quality. If you need help finding the perfect system to meet your needs, feel free to reach out to a member of the efilters team by calling 1-866-283-9919 or sending an email to info@efilters.net.

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