A Guide to Why Foamex is the Best Material for Board Printing

Every business engaging in marketing and promotional activities is required to make banners or signage for their marketing activities. This means they will have to do some board printing for promotional activities. Board printing businesses have a variety of different clients from different industries and businesses.

If there is something common between this variety of clients that board printing businesses have is their demand for foamex board printing. Foamex board printing has become quite popular among board printing businesses and their clients. Let’s dive deeper to know more about Foamex Boards and why it is one of the best and most preferred materials for board printing.

What is Foamex?

Foamex is a lightweight and stiff PVC foam sheet which is very superior in quality, compared to other materials that are often using for board printing. One of the major reasons why Foamex board or Foamex printing is so popular or preferred more over other boarding printing options is because it is absolutely versatile, in a way, that it can be used for both permanent and temporary signboards.

Foamex board is such a common thing that you will find it anywhere quite easily. You will often notice foamex boards being used in a lot of exhibition stands all over the country. Foamex boards are commonly used for making banners, signage, and exhibition display panels.

Why is Foamex the most ideal choice?

The Foamex board can be easily cut into any shape you desire. One of the best features of a foamex board is that it can be easily drilled on to other signs or walls. This is mostly because foamex boards have a quality of being water repellant and having a really smooth finish. This reason is mostly why foamex board or foamex printing is often an ideal choice for graphic printings in exhibitions.

Foamex boards come in three different thicknesses. You can either go for a standard 3mm and 5mm thickness foam PVC board. But it is also available in 10mm thickness. You can choose the thickness depending on the use of it, where and what it is going to be utilised for, what kind of conditions it will have to resist etc.

Foamex is often a favourite material for board printing because it is also fabrication friendly. The material and its qualities are such that it is easy to cut, drill, bend, glue on any other surface, and you can print on it.

The reason for foamex possessing these qualities is the fine cell structure of the material. This allows it to be shaped and used in any form you like. This is why it is often preferred by professional digital printers. Also, foamex boards are available in a large variety of colours and specifications.

With the help of foamex boards, it becomes really easy to achieve high quality, aesthetically pleasing banners, signage, and display products. The aesthetic qualities of a foamex board often make it look more expensive than it usually is. 

Advantages of Foamex

  • Versatile: Foamex is a versatile material that’s really easy to cut to size, easy to use, and fix in a certain position where it is required. Customers have variety of needs that need to be fulfilled, so if you are looking for an option that’s easy to use and are not very particular about a certain shape or size, and also want something cost-effective, then foamex board or foamex board printing is one of the best options.
  • Thickness: The variety in thickness of the board allows you to make a signage or banner that has more rigidity. This is easy to achieve with foamex as it is available in three different thicknesses- 3mm, 5mm, and 10mm.
  • Cost-Effective: In businesses, marketing budgets are often the part where most cost-cutting is done. To reach a budget that’s feasible, businesses would require a cost-effective solution for the materials being used in their marketing strategies.

Foamex board can be that cost-effective solutions for creating beautiful and quality banners and signage that’s not too expensive and also lasts long, no matter what the weather or surrounding situations are like. Signage used for interiors can easily last up to 5 years without any damage if they are maintained properly.

  • Easy to fix: The 3mm and 5mm thickness options are the best if your signage or panels require to be moved often from one place to another. These boards can be attached to walls with the use of velcro. Make sure you use the right fixing depending on the surface you are trying to attach it to.
  • Lightweight: One major reason why Foamex boards are in demand for marketing and advertising materials is because it is lightweight and easy to manage. A lot of businesses make use of foamex board or foamex board printing due to this reason.

Foamex will soon be your preferred material as well

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, Foamex boards are also fade-resistant, high in quality, and come with full-color print which makes it one of the most favoured materials for board printing.

Foamex boards or foamex board printing is used and loved by a variety of businesses and clients use it for different purposes like marketing or advertising, exhibitions, or trade shows, seasonal campaigns, promotions etc. With so many advantages, Foamex boards are in great demand, be it for smaller prints or bigger prints.

But before you proceed to choosing foamex boards for your marketing, promotions, or exhibitions, you must understand that it needs to be taken care of properly and might incur some damage in extreme weather conditions. So in situations like this, you might wanna consider the thickness of the board.

As much as foamex boards are versatile and cost-effective, you will need to be required to look around for the right options that suits your requirements.

Wrap up

Having mentioned all the amazing advantages and good things about Foamex boards or foamex board printing it remains to be the most popular choice among clients and businesses for different reasons and different uses. Foamex Boards are indeed one of the most versatile and cost-effective options out there in the market.

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