A Guide to Landscape Light Bulbs

If you’ve ever driven past a well-lit landscape at night, you can thank landscape light bulbs for allowing you to see the area. Landscape light bulbs are light bulbs that can be placed outdoors to illuminate the outside of your house or highlight certain architectural aspects of your home. This could be as simple as a wall or something more, like a garden.

Landscape lighting can be a beautiful addition to your home, but not knowing where to begin or what lights to use can make the task a bit daunting. Online lighting stores like Atlanta Light Bulbs are available to make the project a lot easier for you. They offer a vast selection of landscape light bulbs as well as a dedicated team of lighting professionals to help you find what you need.

What are Landscape Light Bulbs?
Landscape lighting incorporates the use of light bulbs to brighten up your outdoor space. If there are features of your landscape that you are particularly proud of or want to show off even further, lighting can be added to enhance or add a dramatic effect to that feature.

When it comes to lighting, choosing the proper light bulbs can make a difference. Factors such as the price, what material the light operates on, the style of your light fixture, what color light you use, the color temperature, and more, can all have an impact on your desired effect.

With a multitude of lighting options, determining the perfect light bulb for you can be a hard task. At Atlanta Light Bulbs, you can browse through their lighting options to get some ideas of the type of lighting effect you want your landscape to have. You can also reach out to their team to guide you through lighting ideas and recommendations.

Factors to consider when using landscape lighting
It may be easy to think you can place your desired lighting outdoors and expect your landscape or architecture to look brighter, but sometimes it isn’t that simple.

Thinking about what kind of lighting you want to use first and what you want to light in your landscape can be useful before you even make your first purchase. For instance, if you want to illuminate a high wall of hanging flower fixtures on your landscape, it may be important to make sure your light bulb is bright enough, as well as your light fixture to be able to rotate in order to meet those needs.

If you visit Atlanta Light Bulbs online, their detailed descriptions of their light fixtures and light bulbs provide you with an idea of the light’s wattage, color temperature, hour life, how it can be angled (i.e. with a mount or thrust upward/downward) and so much more. This will give you an idea of which light bulb or fixture can align most closely with your vision.

The variety of light bulbs that are sold from Atlanta Light Bulbs don’t just come in one form of lighting. For instance, if you are looking for landscape lighting that is guaranteed to be different and stand out, perhaps you can purchase the Halco Lighting 65BR30 in Red, Green, or Dawn pink.

No matter what you want your landscape to look like, having a clear idea of your vision could be useful before you decide what light bulbs you want to use.

Where to Buy Landscape Light Bulbs
There are many stores you can buy landscape light bulbs from, but one online store that sells a wide selection of high-quality light bulbs is Atlanta Light Bulbs. Their light bulbs and additional lighting products are not the only factors that make their store an optimal lighting resource, they also have a powerful contact and support team available to answer all your general lighting sales questions.

To contact their call center, open from Monday-Friday from 8 am-5 pm EST, reach out to 1-888-988-2852. You can also email them at help@atlantalightbulbs.com. If you are on their website, you can also chat with them directly.

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