A Comprehensive Guide about Call Barging

Cold calling is still one of the primary features most organizations use to connect with their customers. At times, they face negative performance due to dissatisfaction of the customers, while the cold call agents put hard work and effort into making the call successful. At that point, it is crucial for the manager or supervisor to barge into the call and monitor it to improve the quality of service.

What is Call Barging?

Call barging is not a new concept for cold calling companies. When a supervisor, manager or senior agent listens to the conversation of an agent with the customer, it is called call barging. The third person in the call may listen to it silently or introduce him/herself and offer an opinion regarding the matter under discussion to offer better customer service. Call barging is ethical and legal as customers are informed that the call is being recorded.

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Top 7 Benefits of Utilizing Call Barging

Customer care is the biggest concern and challenge for cold call agents. The new and unskilled agents often mistreat the customers if they are rude and cause loss to their organizations. Therefore, the call barging practice has become common across the globe. It does not pose any threat to the privacy of customers and is quite beneficial for the organizations.

Here are the top benefits call barging can offer to your business organization.

1. Boosts Quality Assurance

The first benefit call barging offers to the call centers or organizations boosts quality assurance. Barging into a call silently helps the authorities monitor the tone, speech, persuasive skills and general attitude of the agents towards the customer and ensure to provide quality assurance. On the other hand, some organizations hire cold calling companies to manage their customer support as they have trained agents onboard that offer quality service.

2. Provides Personalized Customer Service

Business organizations value some customers more than others, as they provide them more profit and value. So, the organizations try to provide the personalized care and attention through any and every means. Call barging offers the benefit of providing personalized customer service to loyal consumers.

3. Provides Support to Confused Agents

One of the most commendable benefits call barging offers to the organizations is providing support to the confused agents. The new agents can easily become intimidated by the tough customers who have tons of queries. In such a scenario, a senior agent or supervisor can smoothly barge into the call to lend support and resolve the concerns of the consumer.

4. Smooth Monitoring of Remote Call Agents

The current atmosphere of the world has become flexible and challenging at the same time. The cold call agents can also work remotely, which is beneficial for them; however, it might cause concern for the authorities. The call barging feature or facility allows the authorities to smoothly monitor the performance and work schedule of the remote call agents to avoid any compromise over their service.

5. Connects Managers with Angry Callers

It is quite common in the brick-and-mortar stores that the angry customers ask to meet the managers. The scenario is now becoming common in the cold calls too. Ending the call to connect the angry callers to managers might agitate them even more. Call barging allows the managers to become a part of the call without any interruption and listen to the concerns and issues of the callers.

6. Paves the way for Training Agents

Another benefit called barging offers to the organizations is to pave the way for training the agents. The supervisors or managers can barge into calls on routine to note the strengths and weaknesses of the agents. In addition to it, they can also take notice of the challenging situations to include in the training and provide complete guidance to the amateur agents to handle the situation like professionals.

7. Ensures Monitoring of Customer Service

Monitoring the customer service is among the most crucial benefits call barging offers to the organizations. Monitoring the recorded call is not as efficient as the agents know only a few will be monitored. With call barging, they will not be able to know the presence of a third person and offer better service. If it does not satisfy you, you can hire trained agents from cold calling companies that can provide quality customer care without the fear of being monitored.

Opt for call barging or get trained agents on board!

Call barging does not pose any ethical or legal challenge. In other words, it is a healthy practice you can adopt without any fear. However, if you are reluctant to give it a go, there is another option. Get the trained agents on board by consulting the professionals, so you do not need to monitor the calls or worry about the quality of service.

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