A complete guide to Excel for beginners: Overview of the toolkit

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One of the most prominent tools which is available in the present times to analyse large quantities of data is excel. The aim of this article is to provide a complete guide to excel and its features. This is followed by an overview of the toolkit of excel. A paragraph is also dedicated to the importance of excel training for beginners.

First looks and a bird’s eye view

It is important to understand the introductory part of excel before understanding its intricacies. The introductory part usually deals with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in excel. This is important as it forms the infrastructure of advanced level excel training. After this, we usually proceed to the intermediate level.

In this level, techniques like data validation are introduced. This is followed by an overview of filters and grouping. This brings us to the next level where we deal with numerous formulas and even some of the most commonly used mathematical functions. Various types of basic examples are practised at this stage.

In the next stage of excel training, logical functions are introduced. The creation of various types of charts in excel brings us to the advanced level. In the advanced stage, excel training usually involves dealing with practical examples of everyday life like budget preparation and performance charts.

Excel training for beginners

Excel training for beginners is usually a step by step process in which a hierarchical approach is followed to master various tools. For instance, excel training in Malaysia is organized into sub stages and each stage acts as a training platform for the other. However, such an approach is followed not only in Malaysian training institutions but also in other institutions worldwide.

Advanced training

Advanced training in excel usually involves dealing with SUMIF functions, writing macros, creation of visual basic for applications, working with various variables related to VBA, data types, VBA controls, arithmetic operators and string operators. In addition to this, advanced training in excel also involves comparison graphs and computation of range among other things.

In conclusion

The toolkit that is surveyed in this article is a selection of the most popular ones used in excel. That said, excel has numerous other tools as well which are both vital and handy in other domains. This makes us conclude that excel training is the need of the hour not only for beginners but also for those who use it on a daily basis.

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