A Complete Guide On Medical Air Mattress

When someone is suffering from a medical condition, they require extra care and attention. Every little thing that surrounds the patient is optimized for maximum comfort, let alone mattresses. It is essential to provide them with the correct mattress so that they can get healed quickly.

Hospital bed mattresses are not like the ones that people use at home. It is made according to the special needs of the patients. Not only it provides extra comfort, but it also has some therapeutic properties that help the patient in various ways. There are different hospital bed mattresses available in the market, and each one of them has its benefits. The one that most people prefer is the medical air mattress. It is different from the usual air mattresses because of its properties like adjustable pressure points.

But with several options available for medical air mattresses, it becomes tough for people to choose the correct one. Here is a guide that can help them in finding the right fit according to their needs.

Choosing Between Full And Overlay

As the name suggests, an overlay is a substitute to the full mattress, which can be laid over the regular mattress. An overlay can provide with most of the mattress benefits while saving a lot of money. However, it still stands as a substitute for the full mattress. In general cases, it would fit perfectly. But for patients who have gone through a critical medical situation and require special care, a full mattress would be a better option.

Various Technologies

As mentioned above, medical air mattresses have therapeutic properties. That is because of the various new technologies, which are used in it. Two such technologies that people should look for are:

  • Low Air Loss: The mattress contains small air sockets that allow a little amount of air to leave at once. The low air loss keeps the patient feeling fresh and away from sweat. This not only helps them with body sores but also with the skin-related issues that might occur due to excessive sweating.
  • Alternating Pressure: The mattresses come with a pump. By using that pump, people can adjust the pressure points of the mattress, which provides extra comfort to the patient along with other benefits like regulating blood flow. So the patient can sleep correctly and gets their body healed sooner.

People can look out for these technologies according to the needs of the patient.


If the mattress has to be used for a longer-term, then it becomes crucial to look for better quality. A poor-quality mattress might be cheaper, but a good quality one runs for a longer time. Also, a good quality mattress delivers all the promises that it makes. So it is always an excellent option to go for a trusted manufacturer because no one wants to take a chance with their or their loved ones’ health.

Hospitals provide their patients with the best in the class hospital bed mattress. But it is also essential to provide patients with similar facilities at home too, which ensures faster recovery and better comfort for them. 

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