A Close Look at SpaGuard Enhanced Shock

As any pool or spa owner can attest, the addition and regulation of sanitizer to water is no task to take lightly. It is critical to the clarity of the water and can prevent odors, infections and algae blooms. It is the pools first line of defense against microorganisms, and, in effect, is largely responsible for the safety of the water. Pool and spa owners will also attest that it is not only critical to maintain the sanitizer levels, but that it is an involved job to do so.

They’ll also be likely to testify that it’s not the only thing that goes along with proper care and routine maintenance of a pool. In addition to regularly sanitizing the water, it is important to shock it, both routinely and periodically. A routine shocking schedule goes hand in hand with the sanitizer in the water to help keep it clean. In addition, it is important to shock the pool after heavy rains, pool parties or after the pool or hot tub has been baking in the sun for a few days. Like sanitizing, shocking is important to maintaining the cleanliness of the water.

Therefore it is important to pick up a shock that offers the features, functionality and chemistry to maintain your pool or spa in conjunction with the sanitizer you use. To that end, we will take a closer look at SpaGuard Enhanced Shock, an industry leading shock that was developed for superior performance.

SpaGuard Enhanced Shock is specially formulated to offer a number of different purposes. It is a multipurpose shock and oxidizer that offers four features in one, to be specific. It is created to offer 58.2% sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione to boost the free chlorine levels, and though it has a pH of 5.0, it contains a pH buffer to help prevent it from ruining the pH balance in the water.

In addition to being an extremely effective and potent shock to effectively eradicate the biological contaminants and remove odors from the water, that is only one of its several functions. In addition to shocking the water and providing a pH buffer as enumerated, it also provides a clarifier and a flocculant as well.

Because it contains a clarifier, it is also capable of restoring water sparkle that can be adversely affected in between periods of shocking. If your water is not as crystal clear as it was, the clarifier contained in SpaGuard’s Enhanced Shock can bring that sparkle back to life.

In addition, for particularly tough instances of suffering water clarity, this shock contains a flocculant as well. If your water is not as clear as could be due to fine particulate matter, the flocculant contained within this blend will cause those agents to aggregate together where they can easily be removed by the pools filter or by vacuum if you so choose. It’s a double barreled approach that is impressively effective at keeping your water clear – or restoring water clarity.

Not only can this shock help to eliminate the chloramines that burn eyes and create unpleasant odors and can bring back your water’s sparkle, it is compatible with chlorine and bromine systems, including systems that make use of ozone. It’s one of the finest enhanced shocks on the market because it offers a number of different features in one. Whereas other shocks may only serve to sanitize the water, this enhanced shock can offer plenty more. To stock up on this shock or to give it a try and switch up your current routine, visit Hot Tub Club at HotTub.Club, where you will find not only this but several other specialty products for your pool or hot tub. Check out their website or give them a call at 866-546-8882 for more information.

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