A Cleaner, Clearer Pool Is in Sight with BioGuard Chemicals

Owning and enjoying a pool isn’t a fairy tale. It’s much more than idyllic hours spent idly soaking in the sun’s rays from the comfort of your favorite float or lounge chair. In order to realize those joys, as a pool owner you need to take the due time to care for and maintain the quality of your pool’s water. That is easier said than done, and certainly takes a respectable amount of time and experience in the matter and use of pool chemicals. That being the case, with the help of BioGuard Chemicals, it’s never been easier to keep your pool clean and clear.

BioGuard offers so many comprehensive treatments and chemicals to keep your pool’s water clean and clear that it would be nearly impossible to completely summarize what they can offer in such a short space, but we can try.

In a lot of ways, it starts with shocking when you open your pool. Shocking before opening up a pool is a standard practice that most pool owners follow (and all should) that helps to restore the clarity of your water and kill any contaminants, including algae, that may have managed to gain a foothold in the water.

BioGuard’s Smart Shock contains chlorine and copper that together are marvelously effective at killing bacteria, viruses and even algae in order to keep your water clean and clear. In addition, it is effective at performing a thorough shocking of your pool in fairly short order, within as few as fifteen minutes, in fact. Their special formula is compatible with all types of pools and surfaces and frees you from the fear of damaging your surfaces or liners through bleaching. It even contains a clarifier to keep your water clear as well as clean.

Speaking of clarity, when you trust in BioGuard Chemicals you will have access to products like BioGuard’s Natural Clarifier as well as their BioGuard PowerFloctm Flocculant. Their natural clarifier is a formula that has been developed from chitosan isolated from the shells of crustaceans that is marvellously effective at restoring the clarity of water and keeping it clear. Best of all, it is compatible with all pools and surfaces and is even safe to use and biodegradable. Then there is their PowerFloctm as an alternative to their clarifier, that works by aggregating fine particulate matter where it can be removed through vacuuming or filtration. It restores water clarity and can even improve filtration efficiency.

On the note of clear water, there are times when even the most fastidious of pool owners run into issues with algae blooms. Even with proper disinfection of pools through sanitation and shocking there are occasions when algae manages to gain some ground in your pool’s water and for times like those you need pool care products that are proven effective at killing algae. Products like their Bioguard BanishⓇ are ideal not only at killing algae, but at preventing it as well. Its 3.3% copper concentration is effective at killing any type of algae and you can even expect to see results within 24 hours.

These are only a handful of the BioGuard Chemicals that pool and hot tub owners have been using for years to keep their pools clean, clear and pleasant to use. If you’re looking for a BioGuard Dealer, then you have to check out Hot Tub Club on their website, HotTub.Club. They have many years of experience dealing with pool and spa care, and they carry the products that experience has shown to be effective. Check out their website or give them a call at 866-546-8882 if you have any questions or need more help identifying and treating an issue.

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