A Brief about Cable Stranding Machine

There are different processes that cable and wires have to undergo to ensure that they become suitable for different applications. There is a variety of materials that cables are made from, but that is not the only difference.

In the same way, we have solid and stranded cables. Usually, cables that are stranded using a cable stranding machine tend to be larger than solid cables. Whether you are choosing one of the two options or you are just curious about the construction of a cable, you should know that there are differences that exist between solid and stranded cables. We will focus on stranded cables and the different types of LAN cable making machines available for stranding purposes.

What are stranded cables?

Stranded cables are those cables that are made using multiple metal strands. These strands are put together in different configurations. These configurations depend on the applications that these cables will be used in. So, you are open to choose stranded cables of particular configuration depending on the requirements of your application. If you go on to choose the wrong cable for your job, it just won’t work. It will be a waste of time and money. Plus, you will be again required to begin from scratch in your search for the right cable.

If you compare these cables with solid cables, you will find that they are much more flexible than their counterparts. The flexibility of a stranded cable is directly proportional to its strand count. It is also very important to know that increasing the strand count in cables can result in an increase in cost as well. However, the ultimate cost is worth it as you get a cable that is capable of withstanding flexing and other movements.

Cable stranding machine

Now, as we mentioned earlier in the piece, there are different types of LAN cable making machines, including cable stranding machines available in the market today. However, choosing the right machine for making cables for different applications is very important. You need to know what type of stranding you want in your cables and then match those requirements with what different stranding machines have to offer. It’s not at all an easy job, but it isn’t too difficult as well.

Types of cable stranding machines-

There is the planetary stranding machine that is perfect for stranding steel ropes and OPGW cables in addition to aluminum and copper wires. On the other hand, a rigid frame stranding machine is used to serve a completely separate purpose. It is used for pressing and stranding ACSR, copper, and aluminum wires. It doesn’t come with the back-twist stranding feature. Then we have the drum twister machine that is different from both machines that we have just discussed. Ideal for cabling power cables of the low, medium, and high voltage, this machine is also used for a number of other applications. The stranding machine you choose has a lot to do with what you are planning to do with the cables in front of you. It is also linked with the application of those cables.

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