A 60 Inch Linear Gas Fireplace Might Be Just What Your Home Needs

There are so many options out there in fireplaces that it can be hard to settle on the right one for your home. Even putting aesthetics aside, a fireplace is a terribly important feature of your home. Actually, come to think of it, you can even put the core function of a fireplace aside. We no longer live in an era where we need to huddle around the comforts of a wood fire to keep warm. Despite these truths, a fireplace is still a critically important fixture of a home, and a natural focal point by which family and company will congregate without the least directive to do so.

There’s no right or wrong answer for what works in any given living area, and at the end of the day, you as the homeowner will have to decide on what works best for you. That being said, you’ll probably want to go with something that pleases the eye, is convenient and works with the setting. You may also want to go with an option that offers a lot of frontage, is customizable to a degree and offers you a lot of functionality and versatility.

There’s the ticket – functionality and versatility. As much as wood fireplaces and traditional gas fireplaces are practical for providing warmth and can add to the value of an interior design, at some point they do have their limits. That’s why when you are shopping through the many options you will come across, you might want to dedicate a little extra time checking out options in a 60 inch linear gas fireplace. Admittedly, many other linear fireplaces will offer you the same benefits, but if you’re into entertaining and the size is a factor, a 60 inch linear gas fireplace might be just the right choice for your home.

There are so many reasons that this might be the case that it’s almost impossible to condense them down into a few sentences. To illustrate, we’ll take a look at a specific example of a 60 inch linear gas fireplace to show you what you can get with one, or in any of many other similar models.

Check out the Empire Boulevard 60 Inch Direct Vent Modern Linear Fireplace that you can find on Embers Livings’ website, BlazingEmbers.com. In the first place this fireplace is convenient. It can be easily controlled and is compatible with natural gas and propane. In terms of functionality, this model’s output will range from 42,500 BTUs using propane to 46,000 BTUs using natural gas.

This Empire Boulevard linear fireplace will also lend itself to the setting because you can take your choice of liners and other decorative accents. Even when the fireplace is not in us, its elegant presence can have a profound effect on the setting, depending on how you match up the elements. You can customize its look, choosing between different trim kits, liners like their elegant porcelain black liner, decorative crushed glass media and other decorative accents like ceramic fiber logs.

In addition, this linear fireplace, like all linear fireplaces, offers a lot of frontage, which is a natural advantage. It gives visitors more room to gather around the front of the fireplace and can offer both ambience and coziness. In truth, other linear fireplaces like some linear electric fireplaces can offer even more customizability. Some of them even give you the option to change flame color, for example.

If these elements of convenience, functionality and customization appeal to you, then a linear gas fireplace might be the ideal solution for your interior design. To see this particular fireplace and many other linear gas fireplaces in different sizes and configurations, visit Embers Living at BlazingEmbers.com. There you will find not only an impressive selection but a knowledgeable and professional staff at the ready to help you devise the ideal solution for your home.

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