leader, 9 Effective Tips for Leadership

In the last couple of months, many scientific researchers suggested that women proved to be better at dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic than men. Due to this reason, understanding the different styles of leadership has increased.

To lead successfully, the person in power should be inclusive, empathetic, and effectively communicative. Culture is required to inspire and influence others so that everyone can come together and achieve the aspired goals.

Leadership is needed in every aspect of life – it’s highly apparent in the business world, politics, healthcare systems, schools, corporate structures, etc.

Policies must be implemented that support shared ambition and help people become more productive as well as competitive.

A leader must be an active listener that emphasizes clarity and precision. Diplomacy is overrated as sometimes honesty and straightforwardness prove far more rewarding while handling conflicts. Apart from this, a high emotional quotient is expected from a leader so that they can connect to their followers on a humane level.

A leader shouldn’t neglect his or her responsibilities like asking others to do my assignment instead pave the way for others and be a role model that they can appreciate. If leaders become complacent other people simply begin to assume that the leader is under confident and inadequately skilled.  It further damages the reputation as the followers start questioning the ability of the authority.

As a leader, you should realise that pleasing others is never an option. Your loyalty should be with ambition and not the people. Hence, make decisions keeping in mind the main goal instead of worrying about who will think what. Never do anything without conviction and communicate your perspective with clarity.

Below are some highly effective tips to help you become the leader we all need and deserve!

Be Assertive In Decision Making

Many women have a problem with being assertive and patriarchy has a predominant role to play in it. Hence, the idea is to be completely unabashed about your dreams as a woman in power. Don’t let your gender define your responsibilities.

Society expects women to be timid and polite; it has snatched away all signs of the agency from them and pushed them inside a cage. Hence, understand how to play along with gender politics and never let it come in the way of your decision making. It’s okay if people want to hate you for it – they’ll get tired of hatred once it becomes a burden for them. 

Traditions Are Meant To Be Broken

History is never made if you stick with the rules of the past. Work on your craft, understand your team, and keep the faith alive! Just because some things were handled a certain way in the past doesn’t mean you have to go down the same route. Every person has a unique way of looking at things – do what suits your dream.

Diversity is the Key

Dare to be different and dare to take risks! Make sure when you organise your team, you give a platform to every marginalised group. However, don’t hire someone just because you need to fill a certain gap.

Make sure they fit the bill and add value to your team. Accept the recruitment of a woman on the assumption that her attention will be divided. Look at the skills and technical command. Don’t discriminate and let the talent speak for itself.

Trust Your Team

A lot of leaders have the habit of micromanaging every minute detail, which can make them easily frustrated. You don’t want to be a ticking bomb, do you? The idea is to converse your vision vividly to the followers and then let them explore and come up with innovative ideas. Trust in the team you created and don’t treat anyone as a liability.

Understand and appreciate individuality as that transforms into empowerment, and when a team is empowered, great things happen!

Own Your Brand

Leadership is not about being at the center stage to claim all the glory. It’s complicated and challenging beyond your imagination. The key is to remain steadfast and authentic to your brand. What are the core values that you stand by, no matter what?

You are allowed to compromise on your strategies but never let it impact your ultimate dream. Sometimes a rough day can hamper your ability to make decisions and it is during these terrible hours that you let your emotions come in the way. This is a risky position to be in and only experience can help you come out unhindered. So, learn when it is better to let go and when it is essential to keep fighting.


Thus, it can be established that leadership can be a tedious job if you let your emotions slip in. You must stay pragmatic and find solutions based on instinct and logic.