8 Top Strategic Management Certification Program

Strategic management is a key skill that employers look for in business professionals. It’s not only essential for business strategy professionals but anyone working in a managerial role and is responsible for driving the growth of the organization. Equipping yourself with strategic management skills will allow you to think strategically and achieve your goals. Whether you’re in a mid-level or senior level profession, strategic management skills will play a significant role in determining the success of your position. 

Strategic management by Copenhagen Business School (Coursera) 

With the advancement in technology, our ways to develop and implement business strategies have improved. This strategic management course equips you with the knowledge of old and new ways of strategy formulation. You will critically analyze old ways to find flaws in them and move to new ones. You will understand how technology and globalization impact the methods used for the development of business strategy and ideas. Ultimately, it will prepare you for the role of a business strategist and senior roles. 

Associate Business Strategy Professional (ABSPTM) by The Strategy Institute 

This business strategy certification equips with the knowledge and skills required to stand out from the crowd. Irrespective of your area of specialization, this business strategy certification will complement your existing degree. You will develop a thorough understanding of business strategy right from its concept to managing a multi-business firm. If you have just completed your MBA or graduated from an industry-specific discipline, ABSP would be an ideal business strategy certification to take. 

Senior Business Strategy Professional (SBSPTM) by The Strategy Institute 

 This is a senior-level business strategy certification for professionals who aim to make an impact in their career, organization, or simply understand the in-and-out of business strategy. You will understand the factors that are critical in leadership to make an impact. The program focuses on building a conceptual framework to help aspirants use business strategy as a tool to refine decisions, outcomes, and performance related to their function and role. This certification is offered by the prestigious Strategy Institute. 

Strategic Leadership and Management Certification (University of Illinois) 

This certification equips you with leadership and business skills. You will learn to manage people, teams, organizations, and analyze business scenarios to develop business strategies. By the end of this certification you will be able to manage and lead and people, formulate and implement business strategy. You will develop negotiation skills, conflict and change management, feedback, and coaching skills. You will understand how firms are organized, factors that are critical in decision making, and the importance of managers in making these decisions.  

Strategic management certification by IIMB (edX) 

 This certification is offered by edX in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, a leading business school. This short term certification focuses on equipping candidates with analytical approaches to understand how companies compete with each other. You will understand how businesses see themselves in their environment. You will gain a deep understanding of risk analysis and planning to keep business ahead of the curve. 

Strategic Management Certificate by Harvard Extension School 

 Harvard University is globally–renowned for its management education. This particular strategic management certification focuses on equipping candidates with the skills to be able to see the bigger picture and stay competitive in the market. You will develop a strong understanding of business and management principles. You will learn to evaluate the industry and market structure and assess organizational strengths and weaknesses. 

Strategic Management Course by Michigan State University 

This certification focuses on instilling candidates with the skills to build market resilience and dominance in the industry. You will explore the difference between business and corporate strategy and learn to add value to business success. You will get a comprehensive understanding of critical business areas like diversification, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, and leadership. You will learn to analyze markets, resources, and find patterns that can be used for the development of effective business plans. 

Strategic Management: From insight to a decision (edX) 

This is another valuable strategic management certification offered by edX. This is an advanced level certification and requires an understanding of relevant areas. This certification will teach you to reposition your organization, orchestrate alliances, and assess business options from an ethical point of view. You will learn to derive insights from strategy and turn them into the decision for smart positioning, partnering, and being socially responsible. This certification makes you eligible for high profile business development manager, sales manager, consultant, and similar roles. You will gain a deeper understanding of topics and features including features that affect our decisions. 

This certification is specifically designed to sharpen your strategic management and decision-making skills required to guide the business in the right direction. 

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