8 Things To See And Do In Myanmar (Burma)

8 Things To See And Do In Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar (Burma) is one of the most beautiful and highly appreciated places by travelers all over the world. This country is filled with empire opulence, natural wonders, grand pagodas, and a predominantly Buddhist population.

Myanmar (Burma) is a country that is rich with history, tradition, and culture. It is the place that gives you a taste of both modern and traditional customs altogether. Pagodas seem to be all over the places across the landscape, and nowhere seen in the apparent than in bacon. You can easily see the beautiful black rock in the middle of the center of the city that is balanced beautifully. Pagodas are the biggest attraction of this place, and most of the travelers come here to see these pagodas especially. After the pagodas, other things like a natural landscape, and beaches are equally taking lots of appreciation from the travelers. Apart from this, this place is highly popular among Buddha followers. As it is best known for Buddhist temples. So, you can book the travel from American Airlines Reservations today and get amazing offers too.

So, in this article, we have listed the top 8 things to see and do in Myanmar (Burma)

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Sule Pagoda: Place For Meditation

If you are looking for a peaceful place where you can spend a weekend exploring your inner sense, then this place is for you. Downtown Yangon is the place of Sule Pagoda. People say that this place depicts peace and meditation. It is a situation in the center of the busy city, still peaceful and full of positivity. Around 2000 years old, this Sule Pagoda has a lot to show you both outside and inside. Delta Airlines Reservations can help you with amazing offers too.

Mount Popa: Paradise For Hikers

The next list in our blog is Mount Popa: Paradise For Hikers. Yes, if you are an adventure lover and looking for a Myanmar (Burma) visit, then Mount Popa is the place for you. It will take 777 steps to reach you at the top and explore the beauty of the place from the above with naked eyes.

Bagan: For Breathtaking Views

If you are a history lover and want to explore the beauty of the past, The ancient city of Bagan is calling you with both hands wide open. The ancient city of Bagan is an interesting place to explore. Buddhist monuments spread over 26 square miles. It can give a breathtaking view with a hot air balloon and fly over this place.

Inle Lake: Go For Boating

If you are a boating lover, then you can book your next ticket to Inle Lake: Go For Boating by Delta Airlines Reservations today. You will be thrilled to know that Myanmar is Inle Lake and is the second largest lake in the country. It is located in Shan. It is home to several fishes, snails, and other water animals.

Ngwe Saung: Laze Around On The Beach

Delta Airlines Reservations can help you to get to the beautiful Ngwe Saung to Laze Around On The Beach of Myanmar. Palm trees, blue seas, and pale seeds can get romance out of your senses and explore the country to the best. The best time to come here is December-April 

Kalaw: Ideal For Adventure Fanatics: If you are an adventure lover and want to explore Myanmar, then Kalaw is Ideal For Adventure Fanatics. It is filled with the trekking trails.

Ngapali: Opt For Watersports: Next in our list is Ngapali for the Opt For Watersports. It is the most popular and appreciated place to choose around Myanmar. It is located at the Bay of Bengal, with blue waves best for water sports.

Mergui: Sail Around The Place: Last in the least is the Mergui to Sail Around The Place. This place is also known as a globe with its pool of destinations. It is near to the Indian Andaman Islands. It is best for honeymoon leisure and relaxing. So, if you are looking for a booking ticket, then American Airlines Reservations is the best choice also.