Forget Me Not: Hotel Insiders Reveal The 8 Most Common Items Left Behind in Hotel Rooms

People tend to forget things in their everyday lives; umbrellas, keys, wallets, to water the plants; the list goes on. What about on holidays when your mind is otherwise occupied with having a good time? It’s no surprise that there are a lot of lost things in hotel rooms, some more unusual than others! We’ve put together a list of the most common lost property found in our hotel in Ostend, and what to do if you do leave something behind.

1. Mobile Phones

It’s sort of surprising that the item most frequently in our hands is one of the most left behind items in hotels! These non-voluntary digital detoxes are more common than you’d think, possibly because our minds are otherwise occupied hoping we haven’t forgotten anything else. The loss usually triggers panic and the worry of ‘how will I contact the hotel to get my phone back without my phone!’.

2. Passport

Passports aren’t often carried on your person through the duration of your trip. They’re usually stored in a safe place like a hotel safe, perhaps that’s why they are often forgotten. Unfortunately, the discovery of a lost passport often comes when it’s too late to retrieve it, often in the airport when we’re trying to go through security; maybe that’s why airports advise you to arrive 3 hours before your flight!

3. Clothing and Underwear

When you undress for the evening, where do you put your clothes? Chances are some go into a wash basket and others are hung up for re-wear. The combination of the absence of a clothes basket and the new surroundings usually means that items of clothing, big or small, are misplaced and left behind. We’ve lost count of the number of socks we’ve found under our beds!

4. Toys

Travelling with children is stressful enough without having to keep track of their toys too! When you leave your little one in charge of teddy, toys or tablets (iPad), something is sure to go missing. Sometimes you’ll notice immediately after you depart but often the discovery is devastating when you’re in the car or plane returning home. Don’t worry, we can help get Ted back to you asap.

5. Keys

Keys are one of the most forgotten items, not just in everyday life. Hotel key cards are easy to carry and replace, house or car keys are much more difficult. If you’re lucky, you’ll notice the missing keys before you get too far away, and not when you’re standing at your front door. Try to leave a spare set with a neighbour, it may save you the expense of a locksmith at the end of your trip.

6. Chargers

Trying to squeeze in that last few percent into your phone before a long trip home and forgotten to unplug your charger? You’re definitely not the only one! Luckily, chargers are usually cheap and convenient to replace, they’re actually one of the most frequently unclaimed items.

7. Jewellery

How many times have you taken off your jewellery to shower or wash up and forgotten to put it back on? It’s an easy mistake that can be quickly rectified when you’re at home but more difficult when you’re travelling! Jewellery is usually found beside the sink or bath or kept safely in our in-room safes. Don’t worry, if you leave jewellery here accidentally, we can get it back to you safely.

What do I do when I forget something in the hotel?

Hotel insiders say: The first thing you do is contact us to let them know that you think you may have left something behind. Our housekeeping team will re-enter the room and retrieve the item. We will then contact you to let you know if we have found the item – remember, sometimes people think they left things behind and it turns up at home or was lost outside. 

We will then arrange some way to have your lost items returned to you, via courier or standard post depending on its value. Lost things come in many shapes and sizes. Some are easy to transport (keys and jewellery) and others cost a lot more (sometimes even full suitcases!). We typically hold on to an item for a few months and if unclaimed we dispose of it or send it to charity.

Author Bio: Katie McGarr is a resident writer for Leopold Hotel Ostend, a lovely boutique hotel housed in a unique Art Deco building and located in the heart of Ostend City. When she’s not making art, you can find her writing inspiring articles about travel, food, and cultural appreciation.

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