8 Common Myths Surrounding Divorce In Canada

A common and persistent myth about family law in Canada is that mothers receive custody of children after a separation, or that they are at least more likely to. There is, however, no guarantee that the mother will receive sole custody, as courts look at numerous factors before deciding on what sort of custody arrangement would be best for children. All state has its laws and so you should consult a divorce lawyer Toronto.

 Another is if your partner cheated on you so that the court will favour you. The truth is that there is no sympathy from the courts as to why a relationship broke down. However, laws dealing with property division after a marriage breakdown differ from province to province. And if you’re in a common-law relationship, the Divorce Act and matrimonial property laws don’t apply to you. Check out this  Infographic to know about what are the most common myths that surround divorce in Canada.

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