7 tips & tricks about presentation box and display from professionals

As the name implies, the presentation box and display are used for presenting your products in an attractive and beautiful manner. Not only this box prevents external harms, but it also enhances the glamour of products. It looks stylish and designed specifically to protect the integrity of the objects packed inside. Some classy embellishments can be applied on its glossy surface to make it stand out in the competitive industry. For instance, gloss lamination with a sheen is an excellent choice to make the presentation packaging more eye-catchy. Look at the professional guide below to know some tricks for designing an excellent presentation packaging for your items.

Offer a preview:

The custom presentation boxes should look distinct and unique so that they enhance the look of your product. Inducing window patches on the front or top of these boxes is a good idea in this regard. The customers visiting your retail store always want to see the product before buying. The plain and ordinary boxes restrict the customers to make quick buying from your brand. This is because the customers have to open each box to see the item inside, which is a tiresome and daunting task. The customers are often discouraged from making purchasing from you. So, offering them a sneak peek of your valuable items through the beautiful windows is a great idea. When they could see your objects easily, even from a distance, they will make repeat purchases from your brand. 

Be interactive:

Interaction is a significant element of your presentation packages if you wish to be on the top. To make your cardboard boxes interactive, you have to think beyond the brand logos, name, or slogans. Each product has a different kind of customer base. So, first, determine the nature of your product and determine its target audience. After knowing the taste of your clients, incorporate those elements in your packaging design to be their first choice. For instance, if you are selling a food product, print a recipe for that item to offer an amazing experience to the consumers. If you are selling a premium item, you can print an Instagram hashtag. 

Be seasonal:

Being seasonal with your presentation packages will encourage the customers to use your products for gifting purposes. The feeling of holding something distinct and one of its kinds adds to the perceived value of your object. This will make the consumers feel that they have gained more than they expected. On some special events or occasions, capitalize on this feeling by customizing your custom presentation boxes according to the theme of the upcoming event. For the event of Christmas, you can design your presentation packages with Christmas-themed colors or shapes to capture the heed of the consumers. Similarly, you can design your boxes in a heart shape or red color theme on Valentine’s Day. 

Be consistent:

To be consistent with your branding, keep your brand values in mind while designing the cardboard presentation boxes. If your brand values humor, incorporate some funny and humorous elements in your packaging design. On the other hand, if you want to promote the inspirational image of your brand, add a striking message or a nice quote. Instead of adding text, consider adding some appealing imagery or intricate patterns that match the core values of your brand. It is not necessary to add these elements to the outer side of your packaging. The custom tissue papers or handwritten notes can be used for incorporating these elements. 

Keep it simple and functional:

A golden rule for any packaging design is to keep it away from complicated designs. The minimalist and functional design will avoid all the complexities. This design will tell a story about your brand without the need to include extra branding elements. Simply a brand color and logo will do the job for you. Over-designing the custom presentation packages make it difficult for you to get your point across to the consumer market. The functionality and protection of your packages are as important as the simple packaging design. The packages that are not functional also send a message to the consumers but not the one you desired for sending. For perfect presentation packages, there should be a perfect ratio between simplicity and functionality. 

Attract, not distract:

The content printed on the custom presentation packaging is equally significant to provide your customers with a memorable experience. It should complement the item packed inside. Fake advertising or misleading is common in the consumer market, which dissatisfies the clients. Do not make this mistake as the shoppers will never think to buy from you again once they know you deceived them. However, informing the viewers rightly through correct information earn you credibility and trust in the consumer market. Well-designed and well-informed packaging presents your object in a way that adds value when the clients open the box. 

Ambient color themes:

Understanding color psychology is a must if you want to add colors that become your immediate brand identifiers. Different colors convey and arouse certain kinds of emotions or feelings in the targeted audience. Do your homework first by deciding which types of emotions you want to impart through your presentation packages. The desired ambient colors can then be obtained through a CMYK model or Pantone color model. The ambient colors will let the customers know that you are behind a particular product just by seeing the color themes. 

To put it in a nutshell, we pen down saying that presentation box and display has such a big impact on your overall brand experience that they are your actual brand ambassadors. When implemented correctly, the aforementioned tricks can make your presentation packages one of their kind. Keep these valuable design ideas in your mind while designing the boxes for your products. 

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