7 Tips To Choose The Best Weightlifting Belt

Are you looking for the best weight lifting belt? Well, your search ends here. Because we are here to help you find the best. If you are a gym freak, you know what difference a weight lifting belt can create when you are trying to hit your one-rep max. Weightlifting belts cause a huge difference in your workout. But if you are a newbie in this game, you should know that a weightlifting belt can serve two major purposes. One is it reduces stress from your lower back and secondly they prevent hyperextension while overhead lifts. Lifting belts basically support and give you that extra boost to excel in your fitness game. So rather than spending hours reading the reviews, here are a few tips that you should consider for buying the best men’s weightlifting belt.

Material Used

A leather weightlifting belt is one of the best solutions for every situation. Leather material is the go-to material for many weight lifters. But do avoid settling on cheap leather belts made of cheap fillers like robus leathers. Such materials are neither liked nor recommended. Settle on a belt that is made of pure leather.


Many times the thickness stated and received differs. There are many online sites that mention the thickness of their belts in millimeters but once the person receives it, a huge difference is seen. Therefore one of the most important things that you should be considered while searching for the best weight lifting belt is whether the stated thickness lines up with the actual thickness. Do notice the thickness of the belt while buying one.


While buying a leather weightlifting belt, make sure the layers of the belt are stitched properly. The more stitches the better will be the belt. And for the bubbling between the layers, the usage of glue is also a must. By multiple layers of stitching, we also mean that the stitching in itself should overlap each other in order to keep the belt durable and protect it from being undone.


The best weight lifting belts generally have a roller buckle system. Such a buckle allows the tongue of the belt to slide in and out in the easiest way. Also if you get your hands on a belt that has a seamless roller buckle then nothing better than that.

Customization Options

A weight lifting belt should always have customization options. Before buying any belt be very clear about its level of customization, cost, colors, etc. Because these things may not hamper you initially but later on it will matter.

Flap Security

When you are out to buy the best weightlifting belt, keep an eye on the piece of the belts that are wrapped around. It is so because this particular piece having a prong inserted, should be secured using rivets. With such details, you can prevent your belt from breaking and count on its longevity.

Break-In Period

Keep a check on how long the belt takes to break in. It should definitely not take much because again this way it will hamper your performance.

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