7 Tips for beginners to do meditation at home

We take care of our bodies by doing regular exercise and yoga. It helps us to stay fit and lose weight and do better physically. But how do you take care of your mind and mental health? The answer is simple- Meditation. Meditation is equivalent to sports in Buddhism. Ask anyone who practices mediation, and they will agree that meditation helps them with their stress and anxiety. Moreover, there are tons of other benefits for performing meditation like:

  • It lowers your anxiety, stress, and depression level
  • It lowers your blood cortisol level
  • It helps you relaxes better
  • It improves your blood circulation

Meditation is of various kinds; you have to find the one which suits your needs better. For instance, Buddhism believes that meditation helps people become more compassionate. Even taking a walk is a form of meditation. Other forms are:

  • Mindfulness meditation

In this mindfulness meditation technique, you learn the art of understanding your wandering thoughts. You don’t have to judge them or think about it, you need to be aware of them. It will help you accept them and get better or let go of something.

  • Concentration meditation

In this technique, you focus on one thing like a candle or a mantra or even a song. It will help you let go of any thoughts you have and attain peace.

Now that we know so much about mediation, how can a person who is new to this start meditating at home? For this, we have some tips below.

  1. Be comfortable

You are meditating for the first time, so don’t worry about sitting in the right manner. Initially concentrate on being comfortable. When you are comfortable, you will be able to focus on meditating. After a while, you can teach yourself the right manner to sit which is sitting on the floor with your back and neck straight.

  1. Motivate yourself

Everyone does mediation to gain something. It can be peace or for chronic pain or to relieve stress or to learn the deep thoughts that wander your mind. Once you know the reason, you need to keep reminding yourself of that and find the right meditation type for you. That will help you concentrate and get better with time.

Also, you can create posters using Canva that can motivate you to motivate the first thing in the morning.

  1. Start small

For beginners who want to practice meditation at home, small is big. Don’t start meditating for an hour as you won’t be able to keep it up. Start with three minutes or by chanting a mantra for nine times. Once you get comfortable with a small-time, you will be able to increase your time and get better at meditating.

  1. Invest in some comfy furniture

The best way to meditate is by sitting on the ground nearby a window in a quiet place. But if you are unable to sit on the ground, you can do it on a chair or a bed too. But make sure that the furniture is comfortable. There are meditation chairs and cushions that can help you feel better and concentrate better.

  1. Focus on breathing

When meditating you don’t have to worry about holding your breath. You have to continually exhale and inhale. In short, breathe normally and focus on your breath. It will help you concentrate, and stop your mind from wandering to the chores you have to do or so on. Focus on how your body reacts while breathing in and out. If you lose focus, which you will when you are beginning, try refocusing on your breath.

  1. Don’t give up

The most important tip is that don’t give up after doing meditation once or twice. It can be a month before you can control your thoughts and stop them from wandering. But you will get it, and the trick is to keep encouraging yourself to meditate every day no matter what. It is a journey, don’t define it by a good day or bad day. Don’t worry about a day when you couldn’t concentrate, motivate yourself to do better the next day.

  1. Read books and see videos

Check out books and videos on meditation. Learning the tricks and tips of people who are experts in this field can help you achieve better success by doing meditation at home.

“Your goal is not to battle with the mind, but to witness the mind.”– Swami Muktananda

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