7 Surprise Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Best friends are that family which God forgets to give us. Every one of us has that one friend who is closest to you, and you can’t imagine your life without him/her. Friends are the best part of our lives and to have a special friend who knows you in and out is a blessing. So, come, let us plan some gifts for your best friend and make his/her special days extraordinary.

1. A BFF Bracelet- A unique yet precious gift for your partner in crime like a bracelet would be perfect. Go for a BFF tag or a quirky quote that you both live by, designed in a bracelet. This trendy gift will surely make your best friend feel overwhelmed.

2. A Designer Cake- Is your BFF a shopaholic or a makeup lover? Well, whatever be the case you will find a lot of bakeries that deliver cakes in fancy designs. Order makeup freak cake or a fashionista cake and get online cake delivery in Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur and other cities.

3. A Polaroid- In the age of social media, polaroid camera, not just add-in the aesthetics of a good picture but also is one of the trending gifts. This budget-friendly gift is surely going to rock your friendship.

4. A Picture Frame- You guys surely share a lot of pictures clicked in recent times, but if you have a picture from your childhood days with your bestie, then it is a jackpot. Get that picture framed in a nice vintage wall-frame and present it along with a flower bouquet to your friend. We bet, the gift will leave him/her spellbound.

5. A Bag- If it is a girl then you can go for a stylish handbag in her favourite colour. And if your best friend happens to be a boy, then you can go ahead with a sturdy backpack.

6. A Gourmet Hamper- Is your friend a chocoholic? Well, then what can be a better gift than assorted chocolates hamper which you can arrange in your budget and can add chocolates of your choice.

7. An Explosion Box- Personalised gifts are quite trending this season and explosion boxes are something everyone is drooling over. Get your friend a handmade explosion box that has a lot of pictures of you two in it with some funny captions and quotes. You can make this on your own if you have a good hand in craft, otherwise, buy online.

All these gifts are special and will surely make your friend feel the love you have for him/her. So, pamper your BFF this time with an unexpected gift for him/her and catch their unexpected reaction, live.

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