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Many people are shifting to vaping, which has kept researchers wondering what could be the reason. Between 2012 and 2015, researchers investigated the massive shift to vaping using information about vapers on Twitter.

The research analyzed over 3 million public tweets around vaping using specific words and phrases that contained words like e-cig, vape, vaping, and more. 

Finally, they grouped the tweets based on the user’s reason for vaping. From the findings, it’s evident that vaping comes with many benefits. 

Should you take pure halo ejuices? If you’re still undecided about starting vaping, these reasons should convince you.

  1. It’s Cheap

As more people become money conscious, most of them end up vaping because it’s cheap. Once you have the right vaping gear and vape juice, you’re good to go. You might argue that all things related to vape are expensive. Well, vaping is cheaper in the long run. 

Moreover, you can save money on e-cig stuff using these tips:

  • Buy kits
  • Make your coils
  • Buy your vaping gear online
  • Make your e-juice at home
  • Repair broken devices 
  • Take advantage of discounts 
  • Keep records and stick to your budget

If you want to enjoy the vaping experience while keeping it budget-friendly, these tips will help. However, always go for high-quality devices that are durable. Also, buying vape juice in bulk will save a lot in the long run.

  1. A Variety of Vape Juice Flavors 

Vaping enjoys unlimited vape juice flavor options, which attracts many users. With many vaping devices and e-liquids, users get the experience they desire. From ice cream flavors, strawberry milkshake, brownies, cookies, mint, to jolly ranch, adventure awaits you. 

  1. Unmatched Convenience 

Convenience is everything to most beginners. Vaping allows you to enjoy your vape juice on the go without carrying around bulky tools to aid the process. You just need a tiny vape pen that easily fits into your pocket. 

When going out or for a trip, you can easily pack your vape gear without taking much of your space. Just ensure you store your gear properly to avoid spilling the e-liquid or damaging the device. 

Besides, there are many vape pens on the market, and you can get any design you want. Some are small, and you might even forget they are in your pocket. Whenever you feel like vaping, just put it between your lips and inhale the vapor. 

  1. The Adventure of Cloud Chasing

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Cloud chasing is the new exciting way of vaping. If you love adventure, you’ll appreciate the thrill that this art offers. The explosion of cloud chasing has necessitated the development of special devices that can generate huge clouds of vapor.

Special cloud chasing equipment uses low resistance coils, powerful vape mods, and especially made vape juices to generate massive clouds. The thrilling experience of cloud chasing takes vaping to a whole new level of satisfaction. 

It has even turned into a competitive sport. So, if you can master the art, you might be on your way to becoming a champion. Many pubs now hold cloud chasing events and competitions, making it more than a hobby. 

  1. Vaping is More Discrete 

From students to professionals like doctors, everyone is shifting to vaping because it leaves no clothes-sticking bad smell. Even when at work, you can use the short breaks to take a quick vape without attracting any suspicions. 

Vaping is odorless because only a lightly scented vapor is exhaled. The traditional nicotine delivery system has burnt carbon materials and tar, which produces the bad smell that sticks on your hair and body. The smell sticks on you within seconds and lasts longer and needs through handwashing or a shower to get rid of it. You may even need to change your clothes. 

There is less struggle with vaping. You can be guaranteed not to scare off your clients with the bad smell. Since the scent from vaping quickly vanishes once you stop, it might be the best choice if you want to keep it a secret from your coworkers. 

  1. Vaping is a Cool Tech

A few years ago, most of the users who embraced vaping were tech-savvy. But vaping is more than a new concept; it delivers many benefits to users. As more people continue to realize its convenience compared to other recreational methods, the numbers keep rising. 

Today, the market is packed with vaping gadgets. It’s no longer common among tech enthusiasts alone. Even non-tech people like professionals, seniors, and moms are enjoying vaping. They prefer vaping because it makes them look cool. 

Besides, the vaping industry is just taking off. Users can expect more cool devices in the future and an improved vaping experience. So, if you want to partake in it, then starting vaping right now is the best time. 

  1. Boosts Your Social image

A huge percentage of vapers use it to boost their social image. Vaping is associated with a friendly community made up of people who love to share and exchange ideas. 

A recent study looked into the reasons people vape using social media to collect data. Instead of interviewing the users, they analyzed the tweets from vape lovers.

From the information collected, it was apparent that most new vapers used vaping to improve their social image. About 40% of the recent tweets around vaping consisted of people discussing the influence vaping has had on how they look. 


Vaping is good for recreation. Depending on your vape juice, you might also enjoy a range of benefits. However, picking your vape juice is key to getting the effects you desire. The best way to establish your favorite e-liquid is to narrow down your preferences and try them. You can also ask your friend or vaping experts for advice.

If you are considering switching to vaping, these reasons should help you make up your mind. Like you’ve seen, there are many reasons to start vaping. It is affordable, convenient, more discrete, cool, and offers you many vape juice options. That’s why you don’t want to miss out on this pleasurable experience.