7 Parameters for Choosing the Best Flow Meter

7 Parameters for Choosing the Best Flow Meter

A flow meter is an instrument that finds the rate of flow of a liquid or gas flowing through a channel. Flow meters are used to measure the flow of water in Open channels, like rivers or streams, and enclosed channels, such as in industries. Here are the seven parameters that can be used to choose the best kind of flow meter as per your need.

Define Necessity 

You must know the estimated rate at which the liquid or gas is moving through the channel which you want to use. Some liquids or gases flow faster than others. Thus, they have a different rate of flow. This will help you find out which flow meter you need to choose.

Know the Flow

One of the major things that you must consider before buying any flow meter is the nature of the flow of the liquid. By knowing the nature of the fluid that is flowing through the machinery, you can easily determine the type of flow meter to use. Fluids can be divided into two categories in terms of flow:

  • Fluids that follow Newtonian law. These include water, milk, mineral oils, sugar solutions, and more.
  • Fluids that follow Non-Newtonian law. These include yogurt, shampoos, paints, and more.

Newtonian fluids have a property to stick to the machine walls, which can cause the flow to slow down. That is why they require a specific amount of pressure to attain a critical level of flow. However, Non-Newtonian fluids may depend upon the resistance of the fluid to flow. If you know all these facts, it can help discover the proper flow meter.

Depend on One Trustful Provider 

Find and identify the one reliable provider that will make sure that the service provided by them will be up to the mark. With one provider, you will be able to get the right maintenance and service for the flow meters that are already installed.

Focus on Quality

Some companies may offer a flow meter at less price than normal. It is likely that the lower price flow meter consists of parts of low quality. Thus, you may have to spend more money on the maintenance of the flow meter. That is why one must always focus on value rather than money.

Look for the Maximum Turndown

Turndown is the ratio of the highest flow rate to the least flow rate. A flow meter measures it within a provided precision range. It can help choose a flow meter with an extended measuring range as there is no means to fully find the correct range of flow measured by the flow meter.

Accurate Installation of the Flow Meter

The position of the flow meter plays an essential part in getting the exact reading of the flow. The position of the flow meter at bends or valves may change the readings of the flow meter. That is why it is better to place the flow meter at a straight pipe to reduce the errors in the flow.

Measure the flow with Accuracy

Several flow meters are most useful in measuring certain types of flow. For example, turbine flow meters are the best option for the maximum short term cycles. Thus you must know the exact task for which the flow meter is made in order to select the right flow meter.


As we have read all these facts, you can choose the best flow meter according to your need. Several kinds of flow meters are available in the market depending on the need. However, it is advised to do proper research before buying the proper flow meter for your need.