7 Interior Design ideas to Decorate your Space

If you are intending to decorate your room from scratch, you should need some help especially if you are new to it. Decoration of the bedroom is not an easy task. There are many things that you should consider before buying and putting things in your room.

For the creation of a peaceful, relaxing, and calm atmosphere in your bedroom, try to create a peaceful layout in your head.

Following are some of the top tips that will help you in decorating your space artistically as well as professionally:

1. Color of the Wall

First of all, the color of the wall can change many elements in your room instantly. Many homeowners ignore this aspect of home interior décor. The color of the wall influences vibe of the place more than any other element of the room. It is wise to choose a light and pale color for the bedroom walls. Creamy, light green or light blue are amazing choices because they help inducing sleep.

If you feel like put a daring and challenging color on your bedroom walls, you should go for the red or blue royal. Remember that you can choose a daring color only if there is enough ambient light in your house. Otherwise, your room will depressingly sad, and gloomy.

2. Art Walls

If you want to create a magical look in your room, you can opt for wall hanging painting. If there is any soothing or peaceful painting image, you can get it painted on your room walls as well. If homeowners are decorating a room for a baby, art walls and murals are the perfect way to welcome the baby. There are so many images such as Simba’s welcoming image. Depending on the need for decoration of the room, choose an artistic image and decorate the room accordingly.

3. Light inside the Room

Another great factor to consider for decoration of room is the light. You must not block windows and incoming light in any way. Try not to keep the bed or any other furniture item in front of the room. No furniture should be kept adjacent or beside the windows only.

4. Lighting Up Room with Lamps

For enhancing light inside the room, add the lamps and nightstands in the room. Obviously, you want proper illumination in your room once you put off the light.

To conclude, the bedroom should have:

  • Table lights
  • Ceiling lights and
  • Led lights or other decorative natural lights

5. Bed for the Room

The bed occupies most of the space in a room. It also decides the design of the bedroom. Whether you want a small bed or a large bed, it defines the entire outlook of your room. Try to get a bed for the room that is in conjunction with the wall paint or wall art of your room.

6. Storage for the Room

Besides sleeping, we need to store our personal belongings inside the room as well. You must consider compact and high-quality storage space ideas. But you must purchase a storage container for the room that blends well with the furniture. Or you can also buy an extra cupboard or a dresser with your furniture on special demand.

7.Important Décor items

There are some décor items that add a personal and warm touch to your room. For instance, you should consider putting Rugs, mirrors, candles, Canvas Painting on walls. These wall décor items increase the overall warmth of a room to a great extent.


Most often, people choose décor items and forget about the basic elements of a room. These 07 basic ideas will increase the overall comfort, luxury, and appearance of your room to a greater extent.

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