7 Cs of Marketing That Everyone Must Be Aware of

Marketing is one of the essential functions that any business undertakes.

Marketing often underestimates as an easy job, but its delivery over time has an impact, good or average.

Every business has its strategy and goal of undertaking various marketing and promotional campaigns.

Depending upon the mindset of the top management, the industry functions in, and the type of its offerings this varies a lot. 

Not every marketing and advertising campaign reached its goal.

The creation of advertisements and other promotional materials is effortless, but it to be useful is a task that not many aces.

Many people across the UK are struggling to gain funds as the recession along with the corona virus, is creating money problems.

Expenditures are raising day by day along with their existing debt payments, which they are unable to make. 

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How many instances that we are aware of firms making promotional campaigns so much huge in number? Yet the sales conversions remain stagnant. 

Making use of general principles to create and float appealing and impactful marketing and promotional campaigns can lead to fast-sales deliveries.

Below mentioned are 7Cs based on which marketing should be done:


What the company intends to promote in the market should not only be distinct but should also be worth trusting by the masses.

By trust factor, the meaning is that the quality in the offerings should be guaranteed along with other things.

A company in branding and marketing can only depict what the product offers, and thus significant efforts in product improvement will reap well.


Marketing strategies in this digital age gives the option to smartly float the product theme over various social media channels and gain immediate impact. 

The use of www web along with SEO tools as well as social media, saves lots of cost and unwanted labor of personnel in crafting marketing campaigns. 

Impact of all these added together is so powerful that to gain website clicks, prospect conversions, and ultimate sales, not much spending is required.

What took earlier much funds now only requires its fraction of the cost for making and floating advertising and marketing campaigns.


This 21st-century theme for business is customer-centricity in terms of making impactful and useful connections with them.

Engaging with prospects and customers in a friendly and two-way manner enables brand promotion and good image creation. 

Responding the right way to the overall masses creates brand appeal through answering questions in various social media posts.


The word close in this marketing context means how close the company is in solving customers’ grievances.

People want to know that the company is ever available for them to sell their offerings as well as for other value-added services.

 The cardinal aspect of having a website catalog with 24*7 customer care is to make people aware that the company respects masses sentiments and opinions.

It invariably creates a bond and practical impact to build brand worthiness.

Customer service

Taking care of the customers/clients’ needs in a wholesome manner will only render a higher percentage of sales.

Devising different ways to make customers happy in various innovative formats will gain their long term loyalty.

Not only this, but their retention will also become easy as they will be delighted to remain the company’s customers forever.

This customer servicing can be done in the form of: 

· New variants of the products with add on features

· Chat bots

· Customer service centers

· Free gifting, discounts

· Combo offers

· Free vouchers


Creating more than one source of revenue is a smart move. Massive cash generation in the form of sales turnover is the primary aim of all businesses.

 But the manner it is done is crucial.

The options are numerous this tech fad age and exploiting them will lead to huge gains.

The marketing strategy adopted should not only be flexible but be innovative and nice enough to gain good market leverage and appeal amongst the masses.

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